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  • Princess Sally Acorn as Princess Aurora
  • Sonic as Prince Phillip
  • Amy Rose as Flora
  • Cosmo as Fauna
  • Cream as Merryweather
  • Mighty as Samson the Horse
  • Lucas as King Steffan
  • Lucinda as The Queen
  • Knuckles as King Hubert
  • Tails as The Owl
  • Hyper Metal Sonic as Diabalo the Raven
  • Rouge as Malefiecent
  • Dr. Robotnik (SatAM) as Malefiecent the Dragon

Version 2

Same as Version 1, except:

  • Amy Rose as Princess Aurora/Briar Rose (both have "Rose" in their names)
  • Sonic as Prince Phillip
  • Sonia (from Sonic Underground) as Flora
  • Espio as King Steffan
  • Rouge as The Queen
  • Queen Narissa (from Enchanted) as Malefiecent (both turn themselves into dragons)

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