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  • Sonic as Spyro
  • Tails as Sparx
  • Silver as Flame
  • Bunnie Rabbot as Bianca
  • Knuckles as Moneybags
  • Cream as Shelia
  • Blaze as Cynder
  • Mama Robotnik as The Sorceress
  • Amy Rose as Ember
  • Cosmo as Zoe
  • Sally Acorn as Elora
  • Antoine as Hunter
  • Big as Bentley
  • Ray as Sgt. Byrd
  • Mighty as Agent 9
  • Espio as Blink
  • Rotor as Professor
  • Uncle Chuck as Cleetus
  • Shadow as Red
  • Coconuts as Gnasty Gnorc
  • Dr. Eggman as Ripto
  • Scratch as Crush
  • Grounder as Gulp

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