Casts for Each Parody isn't almost just the same. But mostly like are Sonic as Ten Cents, Tails as Sunshine and Sally's Dad as Captin Star. Heres a list.


  • Ten Cents: Sonic/Tails/Ray/Knuckles/Rotor/Sliver/Sally's Dad/Sonic Jr./Charmy/Sally/Bunne/Amy/Cream/Tuff (from Kirby)/Himself
  • Big Mac - Rotor/Knuckles/Ari/Antoine/Sonic/Timothy/Espio/Ray/Sliver/Dr. Eggman/Link (from Zelda)/Donkey Kong (from Donkey Kong Country)
  • OJ - Uncle Chuck/Chuck Thorndyke/Silver/Rocket/Cosmo/Shadow/Sonic/Ray/Sally
  • Top Hat - Antoine/Griff/Knuckles/Rotor/Grounder/Shadow/Sam Speed/Himself
  • Warrior - Knuckles/Espio/Ray/Rotor/Sonic/Antoine/Shadow/Sliver/Ari/Bunnie/Sally/Vulcan Raven (from Metal Gear)/King Dedede (from Kirby)
  • Hercules - Ari/Uncle Chuck/Shadow/Sonic/Rotor/Sliver/Ray/Knuckles/Rotor/Himself/Amy/Sally/Bunnie/Cosmo/Dr. Eggman/Metal Sonic/Big Boss (from Metal Gear)
  • Sunshine - Tails/Sonic/Ray/Rotor/Dulcy/Chris/Lucas/Bunnie/Sally/Metal Sonic/Cream/Bokkun/Pikachu (from Pokemon)
  • Captin Star - Sally's Dad/Sonic/Uncle Chuck/Shadow/Knuckles/Rotor/Mario (from Mario)
  • Zorran - Snivley/Dr. Robotnik/Dr. Eggman/Coconuts/Shadow/Solid Snake (from Metal Gear)/Bowser (from Mario)/Meta Knight (from Kirby)
  • Lillie Lightship - Dulcy/Sally/Breezie/Amy/Cream/Bunnie/Blaze/Sally's Mom/Rouge/Herself
  • Sally Seaplane - Sally/Dulcy/Bunnie/Breezie/Amy/Blaze/Sally's Mom/Rouge/Herself
  • Bluenose - Shadow/Metal Sonic/Nightmare (from Kirby)/Himself/Bunnie/Sally/Knuckles/Ed (from Metal Gear)/King (from Zelda)
  • and more

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