Sonic as Tanner (there both the main chareters)

Amy as Zelda the 2nd (there both in love with Sonic and Tanner)

Mario (Super Mario Bros) as Solid Snake

Peach (Super Mario Bros) as Zero Suit Samus

Knuckles as Silver

Tikal as Blaze

Walugi (Super Mario Bros) as Fox Mccloud

Walgina (Super Mario Bros) as Krystal

Jet as David (there both best friends to Sonic and Tanner)

Wave as Rebicca (there both best friends to Amy and Zelda the 2nd and there in love with Jet and David) 

Tanner (The Legend of Zelda) as Sonic

Zelda the 2nd (The Legend of Zelda) as Amy (there both in love with Tanner and Sonic)

Snake (Metal Gear Solid) as Mario

Zero Suit Samus (Metroid) as Peach

Silver as Knuckles

Blaze as Tikal

Fox Mccloud (Star Fox) as Waluigi

Krystal (Star Fox) as Walgina

David (The Legend of Zelda) as Jet (there both best friends to Tanner and Sonic)

Rebicca (The Legend of Zelda) as Wave (there both bets friends to Zelda the 2nd and Amy and there in love with David and Jet)

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