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  • Sonic as The Annoying Orange
  • Tails as Pear
  • Knuckles/Ray as Bananas
  • Silver as Kiwi
  • Rotor as Lemon
  • Sally as Strawberry
  • Antoine as Apple
  • Sleet and Dingo as Sushi
  • Dulcy as Cheese
  • Emerl as Mystery Potato
  • Bunnie as Carrot
  • Ari as Tomato
  • Kylok as Mario
  • King Acorn as Football
  • Uncle Chuck as Ball
  • Trevor as Pumpkins
  • Elias as Sandy Claus
  • A Robot as Ghost
  • Scratch/Grounder as Pac-Man
  • Snively as Pineapple
  • Robotnik Jr. as Grapefruit
  • Amy as Grape
  • Org (from The Wacky Adventures Of Ronald McDonald) as Broccoli Leader
  • Billy's toys (from Tin Toy) as Vivisector 9000
  • Cream as Avacado
  • EggRobo as Avacado Pit
  • Chuck Thorndyke as Walnut
  • Dr. Robotnik (SatAM/SU) as Pepper
  • E77 Lucky as Bonsai Tree
  • Breezie as Onion
  • Marmaduke (from Marmaduke 2010 movie) as Grandpa Lemon
  • Catty Carsile as Eggplant
  • Shadow as Jigsaw
  • Chris as the Annoying Orange 2
  • Big ted (from Play School) as Crabapple
  • Mighty/Espio as Midget Apple
  • Jerome Wise as Watermelon
  • Dr. Robotnik (AoSTH/Dr. Eggman as Grand Finale
  • Lobo as Nut Cracker
  • Other Robots as Squirrels and Crab
  • Professer Gerald Robotnik as the Onion Ring
  • Big as Passion Fruit
  • Delta/Esplion as Fred Figglehorn
  • Griff as Liam the Leprechaun
  • Coconuts as Dane Boedigheimer
  • A Fireball as Daneboe's Knife
  • Zeta as Green Apple
  • Radio (from The Brave Little Toaster) as Red Delicous
  • Lampy (from The Brave Little Toaster) as Golden Delicous
  • Lotso (from Toy Story 3) as Granny Smith
  • Pooh (from PoohandPigletFan1234567890's Videos) as Angel Orange
  • Piglet (from PoohandPigletFan12348567890's Videos) as Devil Orange
  • The Shrek, South Park, Family Guy and The Simpsons Characters as Orange Group
  • Lilly's Brother as Chocolate
  • William (from William's Wish Wellingtons) as Craham Cracker
  • Lucas as Marshmallow
  • Setter as Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig
  • Lilly/her sister as Lady Pasta
  • Danny as Cucumber
  • Sonia as Grapefruit's Sister
  • Hobodyke as Grapefruit's Second Cousin
  • Robot the Robot as Grapefruit's Grandpa
  • Sketch Lampoon as Grapefruit's Mailman
  • Plugsy (from The Brave Little Toaster) as Cabbage
  • Charmy as Celery
  • Numbuh 1 (from Codename: Kids Next Door)/Hawk/The Station Square President/Cosmo as Blackberry
  • Tikal as Princess Peach
  • Captain Rescue as Toad
  • The Giant Magnet (from The Brave Little Toaster) as Bowser
  • Gamma, Grimace Island Friend 6 (from The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald) and Manic as Party Platter
  • Chip as Voice
  • Bean as Spider
  • Rocket the Sloth as Lime
  • Lois (from Family Guy) as Wee Pony
  • The Elephants (from The Jungle Book) as Orange's One Million Clones
  • Wendy Testaburger (from South Park) as Peaches (from Ice Age: Continetal Drift)
  • Mr. Testaburger (from South Park) as Dr. Interwebs
  • Daukin as Youtube
  • Omega as Ginger
  • Pete (from Mickey Mouse) as Blender
  • Stromboli (from Pinocchio) as Grater
  • The Toy Monkey (from Toy Story) as Gorilla
  • Marine as Knife's Talk
  • Mantu as Evil Orange
  • Athair as Steve the Strawberry
  • Palo/Dirk as Future Orange

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