Version 1

  • Sonic as Taran
  • Princess Sally Acorn as Princess Eilonwy (Princess Sally Acorn and Princess Eilonwy are both Beautiful and Friendly) (Princess Eilonwy's Voice Suits Princess Sally Acorn)
  • Knuckles as Dallben
  • Uncle Chuck as Fflewddur Fflam
  • Tails as Gurgi
  • Espio as King Eidilleg
  • Antoine as Doli
  • Cream as Hen-Wen
  • Shadow, Rotor, Charmy and Amy Rose as The Fairfolk
  • Dulcy, Bunnie Rabbot and Breezie as Orddu, Orwen and Orgoch
  • Snively as Creeper
  • Dr. Robotnik as The Horned King

Voice Cast

  • Grant Bardsley - Sonic
  • Susan Sheridan - Princess Sally Acorn
  • Freddie Jones - Knuckles
  • Nigel Hawthorne - Uncle Chuck
  • John Byner - Tails and Antoine
  • Arthur Malet - Espio
  • Brandon Call - Shadow
  • Gregory Levinson - Rotor and Charmy
  • Lindsay Rich - Amy Rose
  • Eda Reiss Merin - Dulcy
  • Adele Malis-Morey - Bunnie Rabbot
  • Billie Hayes - Breezie
  • Phil Fondacaro - Snively
  • John Hurt - Dr. Robotnik

Version 2

  • Knuckles as Taran
  • Amy as Princess Eilowny
  • Big as Dallben
  • Tails as Fflewddur Fflam
  • Charmy as Gurgi
  • Espio as King Eidilleg
  • Sonic as Doli
  • Sonia as Hen-Wen
  • Shadow, Vector, Chris, and Bunnie Rabbot as the Fairfolk
  • Rouge as Orddu
  • Cosmo as Orwen
  • Cream as Orgoch
  • Antoine as Creeper
  • Dr. Robotnik/Eggman as The Horned King

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