Sonic/The Brave Little Toaster: "A Car... (Cream Version)"

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  • Sonic-Toaster
  • Amy Rose-Blanky
  • Pikachu-Radio
  • Pac-Man-Lampy
  • Solid Snake-Kirby
  • Vector-Air Conditioner
  • Cream-Young Rob
  • Meryl and Colonel-Kirby's Wife


  • Amy Rose: A car...
  • Sonic: A car!
  • Pikachu, Pac-Man, Solid Snake: A car?!
  • Pikachu: All right, fella steady before until getting let's be careful, now.
  • Amy Rose: If you fall...
  • Solid Snake: Be quiet! And you get lay off my eyes!
  • Pikachu: That's it!
  • Meryl: Come on, Amy, up we go! Up we go! [Amy Rose climb up the walk by in the window and Amy Rose gasped.]
  • Sonic: Can you see?
  • Pac-Man: Isn't him? Isn't him?!
  • Pikachu: Hanging news our dying down here!
  • Sonic: Is the master? Is it the master?! [Echoing]
  • Amy Rose: It's here, it's back! It's the master!
  • Cream: Amy!
  • Amy Rose: Cream!
  • Cream: Amy!
  • Amy Rose: [But Cream gets hug and nothing happened, but hit the car. Amy Rose sniffles before he finally cries.]
  • Meryl: Oh no, Amy was crying! That's why! Unbelievable!
  • Pac-Man: Well wasn't it him? I just curious asking whether not was him, I think we left in the dark, y'know! [Amy crying was climb up, a little. Sonic jumps down to Snake.] I guess we can assume wasn't him, right?
  • Sonic: Let's get back to work, everybody!
  • Meryl: You got it!
  • Pikachu: [Amy was still crying, Sonic pushed into the long chair. Snake pushes his rafter.] Sorry, for that little interruption folks. The return to our regularly scheduled program at this time.
  • Meryl: That somebody wants you, so what's going on here?!
  • Sonic: Nothing happened.
  • Meryl: Does she often very interesting?
  • Solid Snake: Well... there's a car, Meryl.
  • Pac-Man: In the few years ago, so reason wasn't coming back.
  • Colonel: You really? I'll let fine in the best of COA. I'm counting on you, Snake.
  • [Then Amy comes back to holding the picture of "Cream". Long pause, before he finally cry loud.]
  • Solid Snake: [Sighs in relief, and then will be mad face.] Cry, cry, weep, wail and sob! It's disgusting! EVERY TIME I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! EVERY SINGLE... GIVE ME THAT STUPID PICTURE!!
  • Amy Rose: [Snake snatches for the picture.] NO, NO!!
  • Sonic: I'll just put it away!
  • Solid Snake: [Amy grunting, but yelling.] It goes in the garbage, young lady!
  • Amy Rose: No, you can't!
  • Solid Snake: Back it off!
  • Sonic: Let go!
  • Solid Snake: He's not coming back anywhere!
  • Pac-Man: He's right. The fact is a just enough my facts.
  • Meryl: Snake! Amy! Guys, what are you doing?!

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