• Sonic (Sonic X) as Toaster
  • Amy Rose (Sonic X) as Blanky
  • Pikachu (Pokemon) as Radio
  • Pac-Man (Pac-Man) as Lampy
  • Solid Snake (Metal Gear) as Kirby
  • Cream (Sonic X) as Young Rob
  • Metal Sonic (Sonic X) as Evil Clown
  • Meryl and Colonel (Metal Gear) as Kirby's Wife


  • Sonic: Well, that's all his do it.
  • Pac-Man: That's very interesting! Good night, slothead.
  • Colonel: That's wonderful! Good night, Snake.
  • Sonic: Good night. [yawns]
  • Cream: NYEH! BLAH! Ohh. [Sonic turns on the smoke] Aaaaaaaaah! Help me! Aaaaaah! Help me! Aaaaaaaah! Sonic!
  • Sonic: What the hell is that?!
  • Metal Sonic: Run.
  • Sonic: Run!
  • Metal Sonic: [Evil Laughing, the Sonic holding the shower curtain and fall into the bathtub will smashed!]
  • Meryl: Sonic! No!
  • [Then Sonic wakes up a lightning bolts his the bad storm, actually lightning rod hit a grass.]
  • Sonic: [Amy Rose disappears into the gravity to the end] AMY!
  • Meryl: What happened?!
  • Sonic: Why? [Screaming] Amy!
  • Pac-Man: Amy!
  • Sonic: Where are you?!
  • Pac-Man: Amy!
  • Meryl: Where did he come from?!
  • Sonic: Amy!
  • Solid Snake: Amy!
  • Sonic: That's why! Can you hear me?!! Amy? Amy!
  • Solid Snake: The pac-dots gone dead.
  • Pikachu: We're trapped here like rats. Small little rats with no hair and one leg. What do you say, Snake?
  • Solid Snake: Be quiet!
  • Sonic: [really freaking out] AMY!
  • Solid Snake: [Pac-Man was noticed to find a pac-dots, but Pac-Man was scared like the thunder forcely.] Amy! Where are you, you little tricky?!
  • Sonic: [Pac-Man was hit the lightning rod by the sound of Pac-Man dying.] Pac-Man! [He was a three good friends and two sad friends, fade out and fade in, before he finally next morning.] Amy! Amy, where are you?! AMY!
  • Pac-Man: Come on, Amy? Speak up for Pete's sake! [Sneezing with a zapper]
  • Sonic: Aw, no, just relax. You've done it now, will looked at him.
  • Pac-Man: [crying] I am feeling little burned out!

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