The Film

Version 1

  • Sonic as The Cat in the Hat
  • Vanilla as Joan
  • Cream as Sally
  • Tails as Conrad
  • Shadow as Larry
  • Heavy and Bomb as Thing One and Thing One
  • Knuckles as Mr. Hank
  • King Acorn as Narrator
  • Espio as Announcer
  • Rouge as Mrs. Kwan
  • Buster (from Toy Story) as Nevins
  • Robot the Robot as Locker
  • Robotnik Jr. as Fish

Version 1.5

Same as Version 1, except:

  • Princess Sally Acorn as Joan
  • Amy Rose as Sally
  • Antoine as Larry

Version 2

  • Sonic as The Cat in the Hat
  • Amy as Joan
  • Cream as Sally
  • Tails as Conrad
  • Dr. Eggman as Larry
  • Scratch and Grounder as Thing #1 and Thing #2
  • Breezie as Mrs. Kwan
  • Narrator as himself (voice-over)
  • Espio as Announcer
  • Robot Dog (from Kirby) as Nevins
  • Snively as Fish

The 1971 TV Special (DON'T EDIT!!!)

  • Sonic as The Cat in the Hat
  • Antoine as Carlos K. Krinklebein the Fish
  • Helen as Sally (both are sister figures to Chris and the Unnamed Boy)
  • Chris as Unnamed Boy
  • Linsey Thorndyke as Mother
  • Scratch as Thing One
  • Grounder as Thing Two

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