Sonic/The Herbs is a parody with Sonic Footages and The Herbs Audio


  • Sonic as Parsley the Lion
  • Tails as Dill the Dog
  • Rotor as Sage the Owl
  • Lucas as Tarragon the Dragon
  • Espio as Sir Basil
  • Princess Sally as Lady Rosemary
  • Shadow as Bayleaf the Gardener
  • Knuckles as Constable Knapweed
  • Rouge as Belladonna the Witch
  • Antoine as Mr Onion
  • Bunnie as Mrs Onion
  • Coconuts as Good King Henry
  • Cream as Miss Jessop
  • Amy Rose as Aunt Mint
  • Mr Big as Pashana Bedhi
  • Sally's Dad as The Narrator

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