• Sonic as Billy Biggle
  • Amy Rose as Ruby Biggle
  • Tails as Freckles
  • Monkey Khan as Christian
  • Sally as Alexandra
  • Cream as Megan
  • Danny as Hassan
  • Chris as Chris (both share the same name)
  • Bunnie as Melanee
  • Marine as Janet
  • Antoine as Aaron
  • Rouge as Lynsey
  • Cosmo as Jessica
  • Sonia as Brooke
  • Manic as Ryan
  • Tikal as Maiya
  • Espio as Casey
  • Charmy as Dava
  • Blaze as Tiffany
  • Rotor as Sergio
  • Lucas as Brady
  • Silver as Michael
  • Lucinda as Troy
  • Helen as Mimi
  • Frances as Lana
  • Knuckles as Mr. Forbes
  • Vector as Mr. Frost
  • Vanilla as Mrs. Wilson
  • King Acorn as Professor Majorchord

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