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  • Espio as Deku Link
  • Vector as Goron Link
  • Charmy as Zora Link
  • Knuckles as Fierce Deity Link
  • Sonic as Adult Link
  • Amy Rose as Adult Princess Zelda
  • Rouge as Shiek
  • Tails as Young Link
  • Cream as Young Zelda
  • Vanilla as Deku Princess
  • Pachacamac as Daurina
  • Cosmo as Lulu
  • Blaze as Malon
  • Wave as Midna
  • Sticks as Impa
  • Dr. Robotnik/Eggman as Ganondorf
  • Mama Robotnik as Twinrova
  • Snively as Zant
  • Breezie as Yuga
  • Eggman Nega as Demise
  • Metal Sonic as Ghirahim
  • Super Robotnik as Ganon
  • Scourge as Dark Link
  • Scratch as Odolwa
  • Grounder as Goht
  • Coconuts as Gyorg
  • Robotnik Jr. as Red Twinmold
  • Dr. Warpink as Blue Twinmold
  • Decoe and Bocoe as The Lackeys
  • Metal Sonic as Majora's Mask
  • Metal Madness as Majora's Incarnation
  • Metal Overlord as Majora's Wrath

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