• Knuckles as Miguel
  • Sonic as Tulio
  • Cream as Chel
  • Captain Rescue, Mighty, Espio, Jet, Antoine, Tails, Amy, Cosmo, Vanilla, Marine, Blaze, Wave, Charles the Hedgehog, Uncle Chuck, Chip, Griff, Rocket, Lucas, and Rotor as El Dorado Villagers
  • King Acorn as Chief Tannabok
  • Chuck Thorndyke, Danny, President, Commander, Chris, Sam Speed, Mister Tanaka, and Abraham Tower as Big Mans
  • Vector as Altivo
  • Cheese as Bibo the Armadillo
  • Charmy and Chocola as Two Kids
  • Eggrobo as Stone Jaguar
  • Dr. Eggman as Tzekel-Khan
  • Snively as Cortes
  • Bean as Zaragoza
  • Bokkun as Spanish Guard
  • Sally and Sonia as Two Girls in Barcelona
  • Bio Lizard as The Bull that Chases Miguel and Tulio

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