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Sonic/The emperer's new groove is a parody with Sonic pictures and The emperer's new groove sounds


  • Sonic as Kuzco (DON NOT EDIT THIS)
  • Uncle Chuck as Pacha (DON NOT EDIT THIS)
  • Amy Rose as Chicha
  • Tails and Cream as Tipo and Chaca
  • Antonie as Kronk (DON NOT EDIT THIS)
  • Rouge as Yzma (Rouge and Yzma are both Bossy and Stubborn)
  • Breezie as Waitress
  • Bunnie Rabbot as Malina

Voice Cast

  • David Spade - Sonic
  • John Goodman - Uncle Chuck
  • Wendie Malick - Princess Sally Acorn
  • James Lopez - Tails
  • Kellyann Kelso - Amy Rose
  • Patrick Warburton - Antoine
  • Eartha Kitt - Rouge
  • Patti Deutsch - Breezie

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