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Sonic/Thunderbirds are parodies with Sonic the Hedgehog sound and Thunderbirds clips.


  • Sonic as Scott Tracy
  • Shadow as John Tracy
  • Big as Parker
  • Knuckles as Gordon Tracy
  • Antoine as Virgil Tracy
  • Tails as Alan Tracy
  • Uncle Chuck as Kyrano
  • Rotor as Brains
  • Princess Sally Acorn as Lady Penelope
  • Amy Rose as Tin-Tin
  • King Acorn as Jeff Tracy
  • Dr. Robotnik as The Hood
  • Rouge as Deborah, the Duchess of Royston
  • Sleet as Chandler
  • Dingo as Brophy
  • Smiley as Casino Owner (from The Bat Assignment/The Duchess Assignment)
  • Vector as Culp
  • Scourge as Doctor Godber
  • Wes Weasley as Warren Grafton
  • Rocket the Sloth as Tommy Carter
  • Rocket’s Mum as Blanche Carter
  • Rocket’s Dad as Joe Carter
  • Chris Thorndyke as Chip Morrison
  • Nelson Thorndyke as Morrison
  • Metal Sonic as The Mighty Atom
  • Charmy Bee as Nicky
  • Captain John Paul Memo as Ocean Pioneer II Captain
  • Lt. Bananas as Lt. Jensen
  • Silver as Lindsey
  • Espio as Wilson
  • Scratch as Scobie
  • Grounder as Straker
  • Omochao as WTV Reporter/Eddie Kerr
  • Emerl as Braman
  • Jet as Victor Gomez
  • Storm as Johnnie Gillespie
  • Ella as Lil
  • Nack as Light-Fingered Fred
  • Pachacamac as Wilbur Dandridge III
  • Tikal as Miss Godolphin

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