Sonic/Tintin are parodies with Sonic the Hedgehog sound and The Adventures of Tintin clips.


Version 1

  • Sonic as Tintin
  • Knuckles as Captain Haddock (both have fiery tempers)
  • Tails as Professor Calculus (both invent)
  • Vector as Thompson (both dumb detectives)
  • Charmy as Thomson (ditto)
  • Cheese as Snowy (pets)
  • Rouge as Bianca Castafiore (both like jewels/emeralds and have a bit of a thing for Knuckles/Haddock)
  • E-123 Omega as Nestor (both serve)
  • Cream as Irma
  • Wes Weasley as Jolyon Wagg (both annoying salesmen)
  • Amy Rose as Martine Vandezande (have crushes on main character - if only Tintin and Alph-Art had been finished)
  • Rudy as Piotr Skut (eyepatches)
  • Sergeant Doberman as General Alcazar
  • Big as Senhor Oliveira da Figueira
  • Dr. Eggman as Rastapopoulos (both main villains)
  • Sleet as Allan (henchman/right-hand of main villain)
  • Scratch and Grounder as the Bird Brothers
  • Scourge as Colonel Sponsz
  • Nack the Weasel as Jim Dawson
  • Ella as Mrs. Finch (housekeeper/landlady)
  • Nelson Thorndyke as Emir Ben Kalish Ezab
  • Chris Thorndyke as Abdullah (bratty kids)
  • Chocola as Captain Haddock's siamese cat
  • Rocket the Sloth as Chang
  • Lt. Bananas as Gibbons
  • Smiley the Shark as Trickler
  • Zazz as Doctor Müller
  • Zor as Ivan
  • Master Zik as Puschov
  • Professor Von Schlemmer as Professor Phostle
  • Captain Whisker as Red Rackham
  • King Acorn as King Muskar XII
  • Metal Sonic as Rascar Capac
  • Omochao as Christopher Willoughby-Drupe
  • Mario as Asterix
  • Luigi as Obelix

Version 2

  • Tails as Chang (dear friends to hero)
  • Rotor as Professor Calculus (both inventors)
  • Rocket the Sloth as Zorrino
  • The rest as above

Feel free to add your own ideas for characters.

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