Version 1

  • Sonic as Wallace
  • Tails as Gromit
  • Princess Sally Acorn as Lady Tottington
  • Jet as Victor Quartermaine
  • Coconuts as Phillip
  • Antoine as Mr. Growbag
  • Rouge as Piella Bakewell
  • Cream as Fluffles
  • Amy Rose as Wendolene Ramsbottom
  • Dr. Robotnik as Preston
  • Snivley as Feathers McGraw
  • Hacker as The Moon Machine
  • Scratch and Grounder as Feathers McGraw's Brothers
  • Cheese as Shaun the Sheep
  • Werehog Sonic as Were Rabbit
  • Bunnie Rabbot and Animals Friends as Sheeps
  • Manic as Hutch
  • Silver as Vicar
  • Sonia as Love Rabbit
  • Chao as Rabbit
  • Knuckles as PC Mackintosh
  • Cat as Autochefs
  • Big as Baker Bob
  • Cosmo as Miss Thripp
  • Metal Knuckles as 525 Crackervac
  • Muttski as Shopper 13
  • and more

Version 2

  • Sonic as Wallace
  • Tails as Gromit
  • Amy Rose as Lady Tottington
  • Shadow as Victor Quartermaine
  • Rouge as Piella Bakewell
  • Cream as Fluffles
  • Dr. Eggman as Preston
  • Knuckles as The Moon Machine

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