• Sonic as Todd
  • Amy as Mauerica
  • Tails as Myron
  • Cream as Dana
  • Scratch as Eric Fry
  • Grounder as Eric Bacon
  • Coconuts as Eric Ovens
  • Jet as Calvin
  • Storm as Dameon
  • Wave as Joy
  • Shadow as Joe
  • Knuckles as John
  • Yacker as Paul
  • Heavy as Terrence
  • Cheese as Sammy
  • Chocola as Ron
  • Vector as Benjamin
  • Espio as DJ
  • Charmy as Allison
  • Cosmo as Dedede
  • Rouge as Jenny
  • Blaze as Rondi
  • Chris as Stephen
  • Ray as Mac
  • Tikal as Bebe
  • Danny as Jason
  • Sticks as Sharie
  • Perci as Lesile
  • Dr. Robotnik as Mr. Kidswatter
  • Snively as Louis
  • Mama Robotnik as Mrs. Mush
  • Locke as Papa
  • Lara-Le as Mavis
  • Queen Acorn as Mrs. Jewels
  • Scourge as Chef
  • Badniks as Cows

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