Sonic/Who Framed Roger Rabbit are parodies


Version 1 (made by JosephCL93)

  • Sonic as Roger Rabbit
  • Sally as Jessica Rabbit
  • Knuckles as Eddie Valiant
  • Amy as Dolores
  • Bowser (from Mario) as Judge Doom
  • Weasels as Themselves

Version 2 (made by UbiSoftFan95)

  1. Sonic as Roger Rabbit
  2. Sally as Jessica Rabbit
  3. Mickey Mouse as Baby Herman
  4. John (from Peter Pan) as Eddie Valiant
  5. Amy as Dolores
  6. Little Toot (from Melody Time) as Benny the Cab
  7. Dr. Eggman as Judge Doom
  8. Mobius as Toontown
  9. Lava as Dip
  10. SWATBOTS as Weasels
  11. Tails as Mickey Mouse
  12. Knuckles as Bugs Bunny
  13. Cheese as Shoe
  14. Cream as Dumbo
  15. Silver as Angelo
  16. Shadow as RK Maroon
  17. Charmy as Donald Duck
  18. Espio as Daffy Duck
  19. Manic as Martin ACME
  20. Vector as Goofy
  21. Chip as Pinocchio
  22. Mighty as Woody Woodpecker
  23. Scratch as Slyvester
  24. Grounder as Yosemite Sam
  25. Earth as Maroon Cartoon Studios
  26. Planet Freedom as Bar
  27. Green Gate as Cloverleaf
  28. Planet Obidon as Acme Warehouse


  • Sonic is a teenager.
  • Sally is a love Sonic.
  • Knuckles is a team man.
  • Amy is a Knuckles' wife
  • More Coming Soon!

Who Framed Roger Rabbit-Sonic the Hedgehog Style

  • Knuckles beats Eggman.

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