sonic as gobo

.ails as wembely

rotor as boober

silver and sidebottom

amy as mokey

sally as red

mighty as skenfrith

coconuts as worlds oldest fraggle

knuckles as begoony

eggrobo as junior gorg
snively as pa gorg
rouge as ma gorg

breezie as majory

.espio as mudwall

.shadow as convincing john .

manic as uncle gobo
rocket as young matt
antoine as wander mcmooch
Espio as large marvin

Mighty as feenie
blaze as hockey hannah

Bunnie as storyteller King acorn as doc

Max (from the little mermaid) as Sprocket
Uncle chuck as Traviling matt

Honey as corterpin doozer

Ray as mudwell

Antoine as Wander mcmooch

Jules as cantus

Swattbots as the minstrels

Season 1 Version 1 Epsoides

1. Beginnings

2.Tails and the bad guys

3. Let the water Run

4.You can do it without a hat

5. the 30 minute work week

6. The preachfiction of convincing Shadow
7. i want to be you
8. The terrible tunnel
9. The lost treasure of the animals
10.Dont cry over spilt milk
11. Catch the tale by the tiger
12. The finger of light
13. We love you tails
14. The challange
15. I dont care
16. Capture the moon
17. Marooned
18. the swentstrels
19.the great emereld famine
20. the garden plot
21. sonics discovery
22. amys funeral
23.the beast of wellsrock
24. New woman hedgehog in town


[the camera zooms past king acorn and max]

into the deep dark hole

where sonic runs in the dark hole


dance your cares away!

worries for another day let the music play down in animals rock


work your cares away dancing for another day sonic amy tails rotor and sally: let the mobuim play sonic: were sonic

amy: amy tails: tails rotor: silver sally: sally! whopiee!


zowiieE! sonic runs into the bad guy garden eggrobo: ooooh! a animawl!

sonic: uuuugh!

eggrobo: hehe hey look mah! i got a animawl!

rouge: Aaaaah!

sonic: whoaaaaaaaaaaaa! whopieee!

animals: dance your cares away!

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