Sonic as Mumfie

Cream as Pinky

Tails as Scarecrow

Knuckles as Bristle

Rouge as the Cat

Dr. Robotnik (AoStH)/Dr. Eggman as Captain Davy Jones

Shadow as Nasty Nate

.Sally as the Queen of Night

.Dr. Robotnik (SatAM/SU) as the Secratery

.Rotor as the whale

.Vanilla as pinky's mother

Silver as Napoleon

King Acorn as Mr Admiral

Queen Acorn as Mrs.Admiral

Badniks as pirates

Snively as Lookout in Crow's Nest

Badniks as Pirates

Rocket the Sloth as mole (from Things That Go Bump)

Sonia as Eel

Dulcy as Whale's Mother

Big as Mr. Jumbo

Bunnie as Mrs. Jumbo

Uncle Chuck as Uncle Samuel

Blaze as Fifi

Angus McGull as Lighthouse Keeper

Breezie as the Witch From Up In The Sky

Lily's brother as bluebird

Bocoe and Decoe as Bully Pigs

Flicky as Seagull

Female Flickies as Eels

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