• Sally as Duchess
  • Amy as Marie
  • Tails as Berlioz
  • Sonic as Toulouse
  • Mighty as Napoleon
  • Espio as Lafayette
  • Antonie as Thomas O'Malley
  • Lilly as Amelia Gabble
  • Lilly's Sister as Abigal Gabble
  • Coconuts as Edgar (Sally's Dad can't be Edgar because Sally's Dad is good and Edgar is bad)
  • Charmy as Roquefot
  • Knuckles as Scat Cat
  • Rotor as Shun Gon
  • Lucas as Hit Cat
  • Shadow as Peppo
  • Ari as Billy Boss
  • Sally's Mom as Madam Adelaide Bonfamille
  • Sally's Dad as George Hautecourt
  • Bunnie as Frou-Frou
  • Uncle Chuck as Uncle Waldo
  • Vector as Dennis the Rat
  • A Dog as Morter the Frog

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