Sonic Adventure 2 is a game released in 2001 for the Dreamcast and later for the GamCube as Sonic Adventure 2 Battle in 2002.


After Eggman reveals the military's top secret weapon 'Shadow', the military mistake this mysterious black hedgehog for Sonic, and arrest him for stealing a Chaos Emerald. Meanwhile, Shadow takes Dr. Eggman to the space colony, ARK, and shows him the eclipse cannon, which is powerful enough to blow up a whole planet. A mysterious jewel theif bat named Rouge offers to help them. Can Sonic stop Shadow and Eggman from Earth conquest.


Sonic Adventure 2 is a 3D platfomer that implies on completing the mission of the stage. The Game is split into 2 different stories, "Hero" and "Dark". Hero Story features the playable characters "Sonic", "Knuckles" and "Tails", and the Dark Story features the playable characters "Shadow", "Rouge" and "Dr. Eggman". Sonic and Shadow levels imply on running through the stage and getting to the goal ring, Knuckles and Rouge stages imply on finding 3 pieces of the Master Emerald in each stage (although sometimes you have to find keys or chaos emeralds), and Tails and Dr. Eggman stages imply on shooting your way through the stages and making your way to the Goal Ring. If a player completes both "Hero" and "Dark" stories, they unlock the "Last" story.



  1. City Escape (Sonic)
  2. Wild Canyon (Knuckles)
  3. Prison Lane (Tails)
  4. Metal Harbor (Sonic)
  5. Green Forest (Sonic)
  6. Pumpkin Hill (Knuckles)
  7. Mission Street (Tails)
  8. Aquatic Mine (Knuckles
  9. Route 101 (Tails)
  10. Hidden Base (Tails)
  11. Pyramid Cave (Sonic)
  12. Death Chamber (Knuckles)
  13. Eternal Engine (Tails)
  14. Meteor Herd (Knuckles)
  15. Crazy Gadget (Sonic)
  16. Final Rush (Sonic)


  1. Iron Gate (Dr. Eggman)
  2. Dry Lagoon (Rouge)
  3. Sand Ocean (Dr. Eggman)
  4. Radical Highway (Shadow)
  5. Egg Quarters (Rouge)
  6. Lost Colony (Dr. Eggman)
  7. Weapons Bed (Dr. Eggman)
  8. Security Hall (Rouge)
  9. White Jungle (Shadow)
  10. Route 280 (Rouge)
  11. Sky Rail (Shadow)
  12. Mad Space (Rouge)
  13. Cosmic Wall (Dr. Eggman)
  14. Final Chase (Shadow)


  1. Cannon's Core (Tails, Dr. Eggman, Rouge, Knuckles, Sonic)


  1. Green Hill (Sonic) (Unlockable after collecting all 180 emblems)

Boss Stages


  1. F-6t Big Foot (Sonic) (after City Escape)
  2. Dr. Eggman (Tails) (before Prison Lane)
  3. Shadow (Sonic) (before Green Forest)
  4. King Boom Boo (Knuckles) (after Death Chamber)
  5. Egg Golem (Sonic) (after 'King Boom Boo' Boss)
  6. Rouge (Knuckles) (after Meteor Herd)
  7. Dr. Eggman (Tails) (after Crazy Gadget)
  8. Shadow (Sonic) (after Final Rush)


  1. B-3x Hot Shot (Shadow) (after Iron Gate)
  2. Tails (Dr. Eggman) (after Weapons Bed)
  3. R-1/A Flying Dog (Rouge) (after Security Hall)
  4. Sonic (Shadow) (after White Jungle)
  5. Egg Golem (Dr. Eggman) (after Sky Rail)-
  6. Knuckles (Rouge) (after Mad Space)
  7. Tails (Dr. Eggman) (after Cosmic Wall)
  8. Sonic (Shadow) (after Final Chase)


  1. The Biolizard (Shadow) (after Cannon's Core)
  2. The FinalHazard (Super Sonic, Super Shadow) (after 'Biolizard' Boss)

2-Player Mode

Sonic Adventure 2 also has a 2-player mode. There are 3 different 2p battles, Action, Kart Race, and Chao Race. ction includes 3 different games, Racing, Treasure Hunting, and Shooting Battle. Racing includes Sonic, Shadow, Amy, and Metal Sonic as playable characters, Treasure Hunting includes Knuckles, Rouge, Tikal, and Chaos Zero as playable characters and Shooting Battle includes Tails, Dr. Eggman, Chao Walker, and Big as playable characters

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