Sonic Jam in the Lighthouse is a cartoon television with Theodore Tugboat.

Comparisons with Theodore Tugboat

  • Theodore Tugboat never had a cartoon plotline.
  • Theodore Tugobat was 51 episodes on footages.
  • Theodore, Oliver, Bedford, Kulu and Bobby Barge were all female instead of male. Hank's sister with Theodore.
  • George was called Gary
  • Foduck was called Billy
  • Donald Dock was called Daffy Dock
  • Pugwash became Grampus
  • Carla was renamed Cindy
  • Snorri was renamed Scarey
  • Shediac was renamed Stanley
  • Shamus was renamed Chooch
  • Fundy was called Felix
  • The Big Harbor became Mobius Harbor
  • Digby and Truro were all evil instead of good.
  • Phillip and Filmore were merged into one character called Henry
  • Kirby was stubborn and rude.
  • Igloo is a police engine named Hal who takes Digby to jail.
  • Dorothy, Bluenose, Lilly, Petra and Lucy was male instead of female with Pearl's brother with Petra
  • Millie was renamed Mavis.


  • Jaleel White as Sonic
  • Bradley Peirce as Tails, Hank and Petra
  • Kath Soucie as Sally, Bedford, Kulu and Cindy
  • Ian James Corlett as Coconuts, Daffy Dock, Lilly, Truro and Henry
  • Phil Hayes as Scratch, Billy, Dorothy, R Boat, Digby, Stanley and Kamel
  • Garry Chalk as Grounder, Gary, Chooch, Kirby, The Dispatcher, Bluenose, Blankston and Walter
  • Lenore Zann as Theodore, Bobby Barge, Mavis and Pearl
  • Frank Welker as Hal, Muttski, The Rhyming Rocks of Ecum Secum and Chimey
  • Jim Cummings as Dr. Robotnik (Season 2), Rodney and The Rhyming Rocks of Ecum Secum
  • Jack Angel as Lunenburg and The Rhyming Rocks of Ecum Secum
  • Andrea Libman as Oliver and Emily
  • Long John Baldry as Dr. Robotnik (Season 1) and Scarey
  • Bill Farmer as Tex, Northumberland, Benjamin Bridge and the Sea Monster
  • Tara Strong as Grampus and Sigrid
  • Harry Shearer as Jasper Dock and Owan
  • Scott McNeil as Cabot, Barrington, Dartmouth, Annapolis and Kingston
  • Venus Terzo as Sigrid, Queen Stephanie, Brunswick and Scally
  • Maurice LaMarche as Stewiacke and SWATbots

Theme Songs

  • The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog style with See the Lighthouse of Sonic, Sally and Tails and Dr. Robotnik with Lighthouse on Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts, Sonic see Theodore, Sonic paints in logos, Sonic and Tails are thumbs up.


  • May 22, 1997-June 18, 1999


  • DIC Entertainment
  • Sunbow Entertainment
  • SEGA
  • Sonic Team


  • This for USA Verison of Theodore Tugboat with Salty's Lighthouse.
  • Tails sounded like Hank and Petria and Dr. Robotnik sounded link Captain Pete.


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