• Tails as Stan
  • Sonic as Kyle (are caring, hot-blooded protagonists)
  • Amy as Cartman (both wear red and have a mean streak)
  • Tikal as Kenny (both have had unfortunate things happen to them)
  • Cream as Butters (both are naive and oblivious)
  • Cosmo as Wendy (both are the love interest of Tails and Stan, respectively)
  • Silver as Clyde
  • Blaze as Bebe
  • Rouge as Craig
  • Shadow as Tweek
  • Espio as Token
  • Vanilla and Vector as Mr. and Mrs. Stotch (Vanilla is Cream's mother and Vector is in love with Vanilla)
  • Tekno as Liane Cartman
  • Mario and Peach (Mario Bros.) as Randy and Sharon Marsh
  • Sir Vincent and Madame Zoe (MySims) as Gerald and Sheila Broflovski
  • Geoffrey St. John and Hershey the Cat as Kenny's parents
  • Mama (Cooking Mama) as Mr./Mrs. Garrison
  • Axel (Kingdom Hearts) as Chef
  • Pheonix Wright (Pheonix Wright) as Officer Barbrady
  • Cheese as Ike
  • Scourge as Pip
  • Rosy as Damien
  • Sally as Shelly
  • Daisy (Mario Bros.) as Uncle Jimbo
  • E-123 Omega as Ned
  • Meta Knight (Kirby) as Mr. Mackey
  • Lenora (Pokemon) as Principal Victoria
  • Marine as Terrence
  • Mighty as Phillip
  • Uncle Chuck as Les Claypool


  • Sonic Park theme song
  • Sonic's Mom's a Pain
  • A Lonely Freak on Christmas
  • What Would Brian Boitano Do? (Sonic ver.)
  • Mountain Town (Sonic ver.)
  • Everyone Knows it's Cream
  • The Dreidel Song (Sonic ver.)
  • Montage Song (Sonic ver.)
  • Blame Canada (Sonic ver.)
  • There's a Girl I Like (Sonic ver.)
  • Come Sail Away (Sonic ver.)
  • Poker Face (Sonic ver.)

Theme Song Lyrics

Chuck: I'm goin' down to Sonic Park gonna have myself a time!

Sonic and Tails: Friendly faces everywhere, humble folks without temptation!

Chuck: Goin' down to Sonic Park gonna leave my woes behind!

Amy: Ample parking day or night, people spouting "Howdy neighbor!"

Chuck: Headin' on down to Sonic Park gonna see if I can't unwind!

Tikal: (I like guy with pretty eyes, I like guys with awesome dreadlocks!)

Chuck: So come on down to Sonic Park and meet some friends of mine!


  • Amy and Sonic's casting is ironic, as their relationship can be seen as a sort of "love-hate" thing, which could be interpretted from Cartman and Kyle's friendship.
  • It's called Sonic Park, although due to lack of Sonic characters and pairings, non-Sonic characters are used.
  • Some of the usual South Park elements have been toned down for the respect and safety of others.
  • So far, the only planned celebrity character in my parody is Les Claypool.
    • He technically doesn't count since he is always in the show (the theme song).
  • Most characters are from the StH series, but some are from other games.

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