File:Sonic universe episode 49 promo by lightmega777.png
Sonic Test
: a Johnny Test parody with Sonic the Hedgehog characters.


Sonic as Johnny

Tails as Dukey

Sally as Susan

Bunnie as Mary

King Acorn as Mr. Test

Queen Aleena as Mrs. Test

Shadow as Bling Bling Boy

Knuckles as Bumper

Antoine as Gil

Dr. Eggman as Wacko

Mephiles as Brain-Freezer

Metal Sonic as the Johnnybots in 101 Johnnies

Super Sonic as Johnny X

Turbo Tails as Super Pooch

Vector as the General

Espio as Mr. Black

Charmy as Mr. White

Amy as Sissy

Cosmo as Missy

More soon

Feel free to edit

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