a Parody of a Bug's Life only Sonic The Hedgehog Characters roleplaying a bug's life characters.

Parody Cast

Version 1

  • Tails as Flick
  • Princess Sally as Atta
  • Cream as The Queen
  • Cheese as Dot
  • Sonic as Slim
  • Big as Heimlich
  • Knucnkles as Francis
  • Shadow as Manny
  • Rouge as Gypsy Moth
  • Bunnie Rabbot or Sticks as Rosie
  • Blaze & Silver as Tuck & roll
  • Ari as Dim
  • Flick (Bug's Life) as P.T. Flea
  • Dr.Robotnick (Satam) as Hopper
  • Black Doom as Molt
  • Zazz as The Crazy Grasshopper who's half brother half pet of hoppers aka Thumper
  • Vector or Zavok as Thud
  • Espio & charmy as the Fly Brothers
  • Metal Madness/Metal overlord as The Bird
  • Mane 6 as Bird's Chicks
  • Mario Brothers as dot's 2 boyfriends

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