Sonic X: Dark Oak's Greatest Monsters of All Time

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Dark Oak's Zyu2 Monsters of the History of Book from Rangerboard
here are 14 monsters from Rita, Dark Oak wants to seen with Tremaine Family with seen Cinderella II as Lucifer & Pom-Pom to seen as...Mr. Fizz wants to have destroy the Kids Next Door including Delightful Children. to with...Dark Oak.

Various Zyu2 Monsters in during from Beaten by Classmates with Kongs, A Best with Dark Oak (2007).

Dark Oak's Best of the Monsters of 2007 in MMPR

A Pressing Engagement
A Different Drum
Food Fight
I, Eye Guy
Power Ranger Punks
Big Sisters
Happy Birthday Zack
No Clowning Around
Dark Warrior (Episode)
Calamity Kimberly
Birds of A Feather
Reign of the Jellyfish
Grumble Bee (Episode)
On Fins and Needles

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