Sonic X is the film series produced by 20th Century Fox, Sega and Sonic Team. It was based on the video game series, This was the processor to the 2003-2006 TV series.


  • Sonic X: Curse of Raven Radix (2007)
  • Sonic X: The Shadow Snow (2008)
  • Sonic X: Revenge of Sonic (2009)
  • Sonic X: Return to Soleanna (2010)
  • Sonic X: The Final Stand (2011)
  • Sonic X: Life with Shadow (2012)
  • Sonic X: The Final Chapter Part 1 (2013)
  • Sonic X: The Final Chapter Part 2 (2014)

That were also used on cinemas, TV & on DVD.

International broadcasts

  • Australia: Network Ten
  • Canada: CBC
  • France: TF1
  • Germany: ProSieben
  • Ireland: RTE Two
  • Italy: Rai Uno
  • New Zealand: FOUR
  • Spain: TVE2
  • United Kingdom: Channel 4
  • United States: FOX

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