Sonic and Mickey Saves Christmas is the Sonic/Mr. Conductor and Elmo Saves Christmas FL parody with Sonic the Hedgehog clips, Mickey Mouse clips, Female Thomas Characters clips and Mr. Conductor and Elmo Saves Christmas audio made by BrittalCroftFan, Dogwoman35 and BassRockz.


  • Sonic as Mr. Conductor
  • and more


Quote 1:

  • Vicar: Thank you for saving my bees.
  • Sonic: He said.
  • Vicar: We can call you "Daisy the Red Nose Engine".
  • Sonic: Everyone laughed, even Daisy. But instead they decided to called Daisy, the "Bee's Knees", which means they thought she was more useful then ever.
  • [then the screen fills up with steam again as we return to Tooname Street]
  • Mickey Mouse: That was a pretty funny story, Sonic!
  • Lightining: Yeah. I wish my friend Rudolph would have heard that!
  • Sonic: Well, sure, but christmas can be very busy on the Island of Sodor. But now that it's everyday, I don't know what'll happen.

Quote 2:

  • Sonic: The farmer was waiting. It was very cold.
  • [just then the story ended upburply as the steam took us back to Tooname Street]
  • Mickey Mouse: What happen next, Sonic?
  • Sonic: I'm afriad that where it ends. Flora's now lost out in the snow. I'm afraid she won't get to the lambs in time.
  • Mickey Mouse: [sadly] Mickey thought christmas everyday would make people happy, Lightining, but it's making them feel sad. [then sad music was playing] The Fix-it Ship is closed, Goofy is crying, Flora can't reach the lambs, nobody is celebrating! And Yen Sid says christmas isn't special anymore because it's everyday. Maybe Santa's right. [singing] Everyday can't be christmas.
  • That wouldn't be such a treat.
  • You can get tired of chocolate candy
  • When that's all you eat.
  • [Then the footage from Flora Had a Little Lamb was seen as Mickey Mouse was still singing]
  • Mickey Mouse: Everyday can't be your birthday
  • That wouldn't be much fun
  • Too many birthday aren't half as nice as one
  • [Then we return to Tooname Street]
  • That you wait for
  • [With Lightining and Sonic] Wait for joy
  • And recall
  • That if everyday was christmas
  • There wouldn't be christmas...
  • At all.
  • [songs ends]

Quote 3:

  • Farmer McColl: Thank you, Flora.
  • Sonic: Said the farmer.
  • Farmer McColl: We could've done it without you.
  • Flora: Thank you.
  • Sonic: Said Flora.
  • Flora: There's nonthing I like more then being helping out a friend in need.
  • [just as story ended the steam took us back to Tooname Street]
  • Santa: A Perfect end to a wonderful story, Sonic.

Quote 4:

  • Sonic: How about I tell you guys about the time Lady and Flora had save Mrs. Kyndley with help of Mavis and Terence?
  • Santa: Well sure, tell it, while Lightining is grounded, but he will hear the story.
  • Sonic: Of course. (Blows whitstle and the story, Lady's Christmas Party begins)
  • Sonic: It was christmas on the Island of Sodor. All the engines were working hard. Lady and Flora were busy carrying people and parcls up and down the Branchline. Everyone was happy. Only the twins, Bill and Ben were complaning.
  • Bill and Ben: It's always the same before christmas!
  • Sonic: They groaned.
  • Bill and Ben: We fell so full! We fell so full!
  • Lady: Oh, come on.
  • Sonic: Said Lady.
  • Lady: Where's your best of spirit? Christmas day is almost here.
  • Sonic: By the side of the tracks, was the little cottage with the familier figure waving to them.
  • Lady: It's Mrs. Kyndley
  • Sonic: Whistled Lady.
  • Lady: Peep, peep! Happy Christmas!
  • Sonic: Lady always felt better for seeing her.
  • Lady: Christmas just wouldn't be christmas without Mrs. Kyndley.
  • Sonic: She said to himself. When work was over, Lady went to see the other engines. All their coats have been polish.
  • Emily: Hah!
  • Sonic: Said Emily.
  • Emily: Just look at us! Your driver would have to work fast to get you as smart as us!
  • Lady: Never mind that.
  • Sonic: Replied Lady.
  • Lady: I've something important to say; do you reliaze it's been a whole year since Mrs. Kyndley saved us from the nasty accident? Do you remember when she was ill in bed and-?
  • Rosie: Yes, of course.
  • Sonic: Interrupted Rosie.
  • Rosie: You told us how she wave her red dressing gown out of the window to warn you about a landslide ahead.
  • Mavis: And you and Flora gave her presents.
  • Sonic: Mavis joined in.
  • Mavis: And Lady Hatt send her to the seaside to get better.
  • Daisy and Molly: But...
  • Sonic: Said the other engines.
  • Daisy and Molly: The rest of us never thank her properly.
  • Lady: Excaitly.
  • Sonic: Said Lady.
  • Lady: So now I think we should all give her a special Christmas party.

Quote 5:

  • Lady and her Friends: [singing] We wish you a merry christmas, we whish you a merry christmas, we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year.
  • [song ends]
  • Sonic: Lady the Tank Engine and her friends thought it's the best christmas ever, and Mrs. Kyndley could think of nowhere she would rather live then here with them on the Island of Sodor.
  • [then the screen fills up with steam again as we return to Tooname Street]
  • Mickey Mouse: That's a cool story. Did you agreed, Santa.
  • Santa: Of course, Mickey. I'm glad Lady and her friends give Mrs. Kyndley a special Christmas party.
  • Sonic: Well, christmas day can be really useful party. But I hope Mrs. Kyndley will be all right on Sodor.
  • Lightining: I wish I could help a party. But now I'm now grounded.
  • Sonic: That's all right, Lightining. I think you're brave today, and really reliable, too.

Quote 6:

  • Lightning: but you could have had anything
  • Mickey Mouse: a diet soda?
  • Santa: a castle! a kingdom!
  • Mickey Mouse: yeah!
  • Lighting: a fire engine! a real one!
  • Mickey Mouse: ah!
  • [just then Sonic appeared]
  • Sonic: i knew i felt a surge of magic somewhere!
  • Santa: Sonic? is that you?
  • Sonic: is surely is!
  • Mickey Mouse: you know Sonic Santa?
  • Santa: why sure i do you see i once visited Shining Time Forest 6 years ago
  • [then flashback scenes from 'Tis A Gift was seen]
  • Santa: i was there waiting for the Northern Star
  • Mickey Mouse: the Northern Star?
  • Santa: it was the North Pole's special train & while i was there i helped a little girl bat named Rouge find her Christmas Spirit i made friends at the station and before i left Sonic came to help me at the North Pole it's been a long time since that day and i'll never forget it
  • Mickey Mouse: wow!

Quote 7:

  • Female Elf: Now can we have our break?
  • Santa: Five minutes.
  • Male Elf #2: What do you think of this, sir?
  • Santa: It's a cabbit.

Quote 8:

  • Belle: I tried my hardest.
  • Sonic: Puffed Belle.
  • Belle: But the weather's getting worst.
  • Belle's Driver: Even Belle's snowplough can't get through.
  • Sonic: Said her driver.

Quote 9:

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