Sonic and the Magic Forest Road do - Featuring Metal Sonic and Tails is a Sonic/Thomas and the Magic Railroad Parodies - Featuring Metal Sonic and Tails FL parody. It will be made.


  • Metal Sonic as Thomas
  • and more



  • Metal Sonic: It is dark, and crual, and bumpy. But I'm not afraid! Oh! There's the missing medicine robot!
  • Linnie: Medicine robot? "Stock up the magic in the mountains." That's part of Kevin's clue to his gold dust!
  • Metal Sonic: And Linnie, that's whats you do with medicine, stock it up to make energy. We're going to be really reliable, and help Kevin. We're going back for that medicine robot! (Then went backwards) Buffers, medicine robot, we're starting solving mystery, Linnie. (Couples up to the wagon and start off)
  • Linnie: You're a very useful robot, Metal Sonic
  • and more

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