Sonic and the Magic Forest Road - Featuring Tails and Patch (from 101 Dalmatians) is a parody with Sonic the Hedgehog clips, Beauty and the Beast, Mickey Mouse clips, and Thomas and the Magic Railroad audio made by smurf3126.


  • Tails as Thomas
  • and more



Quote #1

  • Mickey Mouse (narrting): Only Antoine, who now felt really useful too, was complaning.
  • Antoine: Wobble feet.
  • Tails: Pumping bones!
  • Antoine: Tails, I shoud've have collected Mickey Mouse!
  • Knuckles: Antoine is right, little Tails. Haha. Collecting Mickey Mouse is a very important job, hmm? Important is big. Antoine is a big animal
  • Antoine: Hmm.
  • Knuckles: You, Tails, are small. Small small, tweenie weenie weenie. And I, I'm a big red echidna who knows everything! Hahaha!
  • Tails: Bossy sprockets! All the steam is gone to your head!
  • Beceo: Here they are.
  • Deceo: We'll fix the Wagon.
  • Beceo: I don't know about that.
  • Deceo: Me neither.
  • Sonic: What's important is to stranted to our own sneakers to Gaston.
  • Espio: Sonic's right. Gaston knows that the lost girl from the legend really existest.
  • Antoine: What girl?
  • Patch: What legend?
  • Espio: Of an girl who's magic make more powerful then Gaston will ever be! That's why he wants to find her.
  • Patch: Then we better find her first.
  • Antoine: Leave it to the big animal, Patch.
  • Tails: Little foxes can do big things. Escecialy when they had nice orange fur like me.

Quote #2

  • Tails: It is dark, and crual, and bumpy. But I'm not afraid! Oh! Here's the missing medicine robot!
  • Minnie Mouse: Medicine robot? "Stock up in the magic in the mountain" That's part of Mickey Mouse's clue to his gold dust.
  • Tails: And, Minnie Mouse, that's what's you do with medicine, stock it up to make steam. We're going to be reliable, and help Mickey Mouse. We're going back for that medicine robot! (Then went backwards) Buffers, medicine wagon, we're starting to solving mystery, Minnie Mouse. (Then couples up to the medicine robot and starts off)
  • Minnie Mouse: You're a really useful fox, Tails.

Quote #3

  • Gaston: Now I'll get you, Ludwig!
  • and more

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