Based on the movie Osmosis Jones.

  • Sonic as Osmosis Jones
  • Sally as Leah Estrogen
  • Vector as Drix
  • Eggman as Thrax
  • Scratch, Grounder, Sleet, Dingo, Snively, Bocoe and Decoe as Other Germs
  • Coconuts as Egg Germ
  • Badniks as Egg Germs
  • Tails as Mayor
  • Knuckles as Tom Colonic
  • Manic, Sonia, Shadow and random 100000000000000 hedgehogs as Police Cops
  • Uncle Chuck as Chief of Police
  • Jules as Sailor 1
  • Locke as Sailor 2
  • a random gremlin character from Sonic X as Scare Germ
  • Frank as himself
  • Shade (Osmosis Jones) as herself
  • Ms. Boyd as herself
  • Bob as himself
  • Queen Aleena and a random hedgehog character as News Reporters
  • Silver as Fire Chief
  • a random echidna characters as Fire Guards
  • Muttski as Fire Chief Dog
  • Antoine as Nose Guard
  • Cream as Boy
  • Chao as Sneezes
  • a random gremlin characters from Sonic X as Little Germ

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