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Yes, based on the movie Robin Hood and my uncle's idea

  • Sonic as Robin Hood
  • Sally as Maid Marian
  • Knuckles as Little John
  • Amy as Lady Kluck
  • Cyrus as Allan-A-Dale
  • Joey as Skippy
  • Bunnie as Sis
  • Cream as Tagalong
  • Cheese as Tagalong's doll
  • Charmy as Toby
  • Uncle Chuck as Friar Tuck
  • Silver as Sexton (a.k.a., Father Mouse)
  • Blaze as Mother Mouse
  • Dr. Robotnik (AOSTH) as Prince John
  • Scratch as Sir Hiss
  • Sleet as The Sheriff of Nottingham
  • Jet as Trigger
  • Bean as Nutsy
  • Jules as King Richard
  • Vanilla as Widow Rabbit
  • Vector as The Captain of the Tournament
  • SWATbots as The Guards
  • Snively as Sir Hiss (in the alternate ending)
  • Scratch as The Sheriff of Nottingham (in the alternate ending)

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