• Sonic as Malcolm
  • Knuckles as Reese
  • Tails as Dewey
  • Chris as Francis
  • Amy as Piama
  • Cheese as Jamie
  • Vector as Hal
  • Vanilla as Lois
  • Julie Su as Ida
  • Mighty as Walter
  • Cream as Sharon
  • Cosmo as Amelia
  • Manic as Stevie
  • Espio as Abe
  • Nicole as Kitty
  • Charmy as Lloyd
  • Silver as Dabney
  • Shadow as Craig
  • Saffron as Evelyn
  • Big as Lionel
  • Fiona as Beebee
  • Scourge as Dave Spath
  • Dr. Robotnik as Spangler
  • Scratch as Edward
  • Grounder as Stanley
  • Coconuts as Finley
  • Cluck as Martin
  • Snively as Eric
  • Robotnik Jr. as Joe
  • Dr. Warpink as Drew
  • Coachnik as Stevenson

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