Sonic the Hedgehog 3/The Brave Little Toaster: "Clown Dream and Eggman's Ball Slam Defeated"

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  • Sonic as Toaster
  • Robotnik as Lampy
  • Knuckles as Radio
  • Tails as Blanky
  • Shadow as Kirby
  • Ness (Mother) as Young Rob
  • Shertoth (Bomberman) as Evil Clown


This is the german version of the Sonic 3 and The Brave Little Toaster.


  • Ness: Esah! Who does, who does? Esah!
  • Shertoth: Lull. (Thunder) A-hey! Ya-ha-ha-ha! A-hey! This? Naaah-ha-ha-ha-ha! All? (Defeat the Eggman will triple laser.) Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
  • (Cut to: Back to the Launch Base, in the storm.)
  • Tails: Aaaaaaah! Esah! Maybe were gonna die! Sonic! Me-ah, me-me-me-me-me-me-me-me-me-me!
  • Sonic: Who's a big her?
  • Knuckles: Tails!
  • Sonic, Knuckles: Tails!
  • Sonic: Big her.
  • Tails: Neeeeee! Sh-duel...waaaaaaaaaaah!
  • Knuckles: That's a serpent!
  • Sonic: Zackdoe, buzz. All the big, wants a Tails doom?
  • Tails: Esah!
  • Knuckles: Tails!
  • Sonic: Who's a big her, some Tails me? Dekie-stall!
  • Shadow: Kom face jewel!
  • Knuckles: I see you wants to mouse can't find...
  • Tails: Saaaaaaaaaaaah!
  • Sonic: Who's a big her!
  • Knuckles: Tails? Out with who no? Tell this for sent her?
  • Sonic: Big her.
  • Tails: Aaaaaaaaaaaah!
  • Knuckles: I'm counting what I'm telling you!
  • Sonic: Who's a big? Who's a big her? Who's a big her?
  • Tails: Esah!
  • Shadow: Tails!
  • Knuckles: Who's a big her, with the now?
  • Sonic: Negy.
  • Knuckles: Come on... Tails! (Tails screaming) Tails!
  • Sonic: Say-say, yay fuzz? (Spin attack, and ready to defeat by take off the hands)
  • Knuckles: (singing) That's a serpent! (Then shattered by spike-head bomb)
  • Sonic: Who's a decker!
  • Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow: Yay!

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