Sonic the Hedgehog and Friends - Featuring Tails and Patch (from 101 Dalmatians)

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Sonic the Hedgehog and Friends - Featuring Tails and Patch (from 101 Dalmatians) is a Sonic/Thomas Parodies - Featuring Tails and Patch (from 101 Dalmatians) FL parody. It will be made by Smurf3126.


  • Tails as Thomas
  • Silver as Edward
  • Espio as Henry
  • Knuckles as Gordon
  • Antoine as James
  • Patch (from 101 Dalmatians) as Percy
  • Sonic as Toby
  • Rotor as Duck
  • Big Griz and Big Mike as Donald and Douglas
  • Lucas as Oliver
  • Shadow as Diesel
  • Scratch and Grounder as Bill and Ben
  • Vector as BoCo
  • Breezie as Daisy
  • Sally Acorn as Mavis
  • Rocket as Stepney
  • Cream as Emily
  • Robotnik Jr. as Bertie
  • Captain Rescue as Salty
  • Big as Harvey
  • Bocoe and Decoe as Arry & Bert
  • Chip as Fergus
  • Cosmo as Lady
  • Dr. Robotnik (SaTAM) as Diesel 10
  • Sleet & Dingo as Splatter & Dodge
  • King Acorn as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Griff as Terence
  • Uncle Chuck as Trevor
  • Froggy as Toad
  • Coconuts as Bulgy
  • Rouge as Elizabeth
  • Snively as George
  • Ari as Murdoch
  • Jet as Spencer
  • Cheese as Caroline
  • Blaze as Rosie
  • The Robots as The Troublesomes Trucks
  • Dr. Robotnik (AOSTH/SU/SX) as D261
  • Amy Rose as Flora
  • and more


Season 1

  • Tails and Knuckles/Tails gets Tricked
  • Silver and Knuckles/Silver helps Out
  • The Sad Story of Espio/Come out, Espio
  • Silver, Knuckles and Espio/Espio to the Rescue
  • Tails' Train/A Big Day for Tails
  • Tails and the Robots/Trouble for Tails
  • Tails and the Breakdown Train/Tails Saves the Day
  • Antoine and the Coaches/Antoine Learns a Lesson
  • Troublesome Robots/Foolish Robots
  • Antoine and the Coaches/A Proud Day for Antoine
  • Tails and the Guard/Tails and the Conductor
  • Tails Goes Fishing
  • Tails, Griff and the Snow/Griff
  • Tails and Robotnik Jr./Tails and Robotnik Jr.'s Great Race
  • Big Animals and Turntables
  • Trouble in the Shed
  • Patch Runs Away
  • Medicine/Espio's Special Medicine
  • The Flying Kipper
  • Whistles and Sneezes
  • Sonic and the Stout King/Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Tails in Trouble/Tails Breaks the Rules
  • Dirty Objects/Antoine in a Mess
  • Off the Road/Knuckles Takes a Dip
  • Down the Mine
  • Tails' Christmas Party


  • Tails, we love you
  • Patch's Seaside Trips
  • A really Useful Flying Fox
  • and more


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