Sonic vs. Zowie Polie

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  • Pappy - Toaster
  • Zowie Polie - Blanky
  • Bomberman - Radio
  • Pac-Man (Namco) - Lampy
  • Sonic (Sega) - Kirby
  • Knuckles (Sega) - Kirby's Wife


  • Pac-Man: I guess we can assume wasn't him, right?
  • Pappy: Let's get back to work.
  • Knuckles: Dream home, here I come!
  • [Pappy pushes his a long chair, and a still crying Zowie. Sonic pushed into the Bomberman's rafter.]
  • Bomberman: Sorry, for that little interruption folks. You'll return to our regularly scheduled program at this time.
  • Knuckles: Would someone actually wants to somebody who what's going on in here, willya?!
  • Pappy Polie: Nothing happened.
  • Pac-Man: In a few years actually wants to save the day will heroes, is really wil coming back.
  • Knuckles: Does she often really want is?
  • Sonic: Whatever there is car.
  • Knuckles: What?!
  • Sonic, Knuckles: Uh, I don't know.
  • [Then Zowie comes back, until his holding the picture of "Polie Anna". Long pause before he finally cry loudly.]

* Sonic: [grumbles] Cry, cry, weep, wail and sob! It's disgusting! EVERY TIME I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! EVERY SINGLE TIME... GIVE ME THAT STUPID PICTURE!!

* Zowie Polie: [tries to blue hedgehog will snatched by the picture] No, no!

  • Pappy Polie: I'll just put it away!
  • Zowie Polie: Help!
  • Sonic: In the garbage!
  • Zowie Polie: No, you can't!
  • Sonic: Back away!
  • Pappy Polie: Let go!
  • Sonic: He's not coming back anyway!
  • Pappy Polie: Excuse me, mother. My taxs deduction if you are crying!
  • Mei Ling: You can't deduct thousands were income!
  • Pappy Polie: Sonic! Zowie! What are you doing? Just give you nice a picture of "Polie Anna".
  • Zowie Polie: [cries]
  • Pappy Polie: Or not...

* Sonic: [cries] Noooooooo!

  • Pappy Polie: Hey, champ, how you doing? Come on, Zoe, save yourself!

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