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Sons of the Desert are a contemporary country band with country-rock leanings who released their debut album, Whatever Comes First, in June of 1997.

The first incarnation of Sons of the Desert was a Waco, Texas-based bluegrass band comprised of McClennon Community College students who formed the group in 1989. The original lineup featured bassist Doug Virden and caught the attention of Drew Womack (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), who joined the band in 1990.

Three years later, the group relocated to Dallas, Texas. Shortly after settling in Dallas, drummer Brian Westrum and keyboardist Scott Saunders joined the band. With the addition of Drew's older brother Tim as lead guitarist, the final lineup of Sons of the Desert was in place.

Sons of the Desert began playing local dance halls, honky tonks and night clubs, refining their blend of country-rock and contemporary country. They stayed on the club circuit for two years before they attracted the attention of major labels. Eventually, the group signed with Columbia Records and headed into the studio with producers Doug Johnson and Johnny Slate. Their debut, Whatever Comes First, was divided between original songs from Drew Womack (which were often co-written by writers like Steve Pippin, Pat MacDonald or Tom Douglas) and material from professional songwriters like Radney Foster, Charlie Black and Phil Vassar. The album was released in June of 1997. The follow-up, Change, was released in mid-2000.

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