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Sooty/Noddy's Toyland Adventures is a parody with Sooty footage and Noddy's Toyland Adventures audio.


  • Sooty as Noddy (Noddy's Voice suits Sooty) (Don't Edit This!)
  • Mole (from The Wind in the Willows) as Big Ears
  • Swoop as Bumpy Dog
  • Soo as Tessie Bear (Tessie Bear's Voice suits Soo) (Don't Edit This!)
  • Ramsbottom as Mr. Tubby Bear (Mr. Tubby Bear's Voice suits Ramsbottom)
  • Liana Bridges as Mrs. Tubby Bear (Mrs. Tubby Bear's Voice suits Liana Bridges)
  • Sweep as Master Tubby Bear (Master Tubby Bear's Voice suits Sweep)
  • Matthew Corbett as Mr. Plod (Mr. Plod's Voice suits Matthew Corbett)
  • Richard Cadell as Mr. Milko (Mr. Milko's Voice suits Richard Cadell)
  • Miki as Sally Skittle (Sally Skittle's Voice suits Miki)
  • Scampi as Clockwork Mouse (Clockwork Mouse's Voice suits Scampi)
  • Connie Creighton as Dinah Doll (Dinah Doll's Voice suits Connie Creighton)
  • Harry Corbett as Mr. Sparks (Mr. Sparks' Voice suits Harry Corbett)
  • The Comedian as Sly (Sly The Goblin's Voice suits The Comedian) (Don't Edit This!)
  • Butch as Gobbo (Butch and Gobbo are both Devious and Horrid) (Don't Edit This!)

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