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Sooty/The Wind in the Willows is a Parody with Sooty Footages and The Wind in the Willows Audio


  • Sooty as Mole
  • Harry Corbett as Ratty
  • Matthew Corbett as Badger
  • Richard Cadell as Toad
  • Soo as Georgina
  • Sweep as Billy Rabbit
  • The Comedian as Chief Weasel
  • Arry (From Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends) as Weasel Henchman
  • Bert ( From Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends), Bulk and Skeleton (From Superted) as Other Weasels
  • Ramsbottom as Thomas
  • Noddy (From Noddy's Toyland Adventures) as Auberon Mole
  • Vicki Lee Taylor as Alice
  • Bananas the Burglar as The Jailer
  • Liana Bridges as The Jailer's Daughter
  • Miki as The Fat Bargewoman
  • Connie Creighton as Rosemary
  • Bluenose (From TUGS) as Reggie
  • Butch as The Cerk
  • Edna Krabappel (From The Simpsons) as Ms Carrington Moss
  • Derek the Duck as Ernest
  • Geoffrey Hayes (From Rainbow) as Alfred

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