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Sooty Rides A Bike And Other Stories is a Sooty VHS/DVD featuring three Season 1 episodes narrated by Greg Proops, four Season 2 episodes narrated by John Sparkes, and six Season 5 episodes narrated by Alan Reed.


  1. Sooty Rides A Bike {Greg Proops}
  2. Friendship Day {Greg Proops}
  3. A Letter For Sweep {Greg Proops}
  4. Operation: B.A.T.S. {John Sparkes}
  5. Sooty In The Dark {John Sparkes}
  6. Sooty's New Friend {John Sparkes}
  7. Sweep Goes Buzz, Buzz {John Sparkes}
  8. Sooty's Christmas Gift {Alan Reed}
  9. Richard Plants A Tree {Alan Reed}
  10. The Book {Alan Reed}
  11. The Flying Little Bear {Alan Reed}
  12. The Auditorium {Alan Reed}
  13. Better Late Than Nothing! {Alan Reed}

Opening Previews

  1. Random House Home Video logo
  2. Sooty Videos Promo
  3. Sooty Season 1 Intro
  4. First few secounds of Sooty Rides A Bike

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