Kitten Family

  1. Sophia Kitten Is the Main Character Kitten.Sophia is the Oldest Child of The Family. She is the Daughter Of Diana & Daniel, And Best Friend of Ella Elephant. She is 9 Year Old, In Miss Lilly's Fourth Grade and Lives in AnimalWood. Sophia is an White Kitten Likes her Parents & Her little Sister.She has Blue Eyes & Long Blond Hair. She Wears Strap Sleeves Magenta Shirt, Rose Skirt,Turquoise Flats,Teal Leggings,Fuchsia Legwarmers & Raspberry Bow Around Her Neck. Her Sleepwear include Pink Nightdress with White Puffy Sleeves,Pink Bow On Her Long Blond Hair & Pink Slippers with hearts on it.Her Swimwear is Spring Green Bathing Suit with Red Hearts on it.In The Summertime,She Wears a Aqua Short Sleeves T-Shirt With Pink Hearts On it. Her Cheerleader Is Magenta Dress with letter C on it, Pink Pom-Poms & Purple & Blue Bow On Her Long Blond Hair. In Wintertime, She Wears two Pink Earmuffs,A Pink winter Jacket,Aqua Mittens & Indigo Boots.For Formal Occasions, Sophia Wears Strap Sleeves Magenta Dress,Violet Flats, Aqua Ponytail in her Hair,Fushsia Bow on her Dress & Violet Bow on her Long Tail. Sophia Has Her Mom,Diana,Her Dad,Daniel & Her 4 Year Sister,Amy She Voiced By Tara Strong
  2. Daniel Cat-He is the father of Sophia & Amy and Husband of Diana.His Outfit is a Green Long Sleeves Shirt,Brown Pants
  3. Diana Cat-She is the mother of Sophia & Amy
  4. Amy Kitten-Amy Kitten Is Sophia's Little Sister. Amy wears Purple Shirt,Purple Skirt,Whtie Socks & Purple Flats.She is 4 year old White Kitten with Brown spots. She Voiced by Samantha Bailey
  5. Grandma Cat
  6. Grandpa Cat
  7. Fifi Kitten Is Sophia's Older Cousin.Fifi Is a 13 year old Tan Kitten with Blue Eyes and Auburn Hair And Fifi Wears


  1. Ella Elephant Is Sophia's Best Friend.She is an anthoropomorphic gray elephant with Bangs And Two Ponytails/Pigtails-Like Ears With Royal Blue Bows
  2. Jenny Skunk Is Sophia Other Best Friend
  3. Laura Squirrel
  4. Emily Fox
  5. Anna Zebra
  6. Shirley Cat

Minor Characters

  1. Alvin Seville Is Sophia's Love Interest.He is a Chipmunk.
  2. Lola Mouse Is Sophia's Rival

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