1. Pilot/Welcome To My Family-Meet Sophia is 9 year old Kitten, Living with her Mom,Dad & her 4 Year Old Sister,Amy.Sophia Is Welcome To My Family.
  2. First Day Of School-It's Sophia & Amy's First Day Of School
  3. Sophia's Promise/Sophia & the Dream Boy-Sophia is Promise to go to the concert tonight.Sophia has a Crush on another Cat Named T.J.
  4. Dear Diary/Snow White Kitten-Sophia discover the joy of writting of her Diary. Sophia & Her Friends going to make a Play Called Snow White & The 7 Dwarfs
  5. My Dear Laura Squirrel/Romance!-Laura has a Crush on Simon. Shirley Cat gets a Crush on her Boyfriend,Alvin.She Later becomes Jealous When Sophia Starts Start Dating Him
  6. Love Story/Rules for Cool-Sophia Has Fell In Love with Jenny's Older Cousin,Pepe Le Pew At The Beach And Makes Jenny Jealous of her when She Fell in Love with Him. Sophia is The Rules For Cool and That is a Clue.
  7. Cool for Love/Cheerleader-
  8. Flowers/Love
  9. Gift for All/Scared
  10. Dance Contest/Beauty and the Beat
  11. Crushed/Wedding Bells-Sophia has a Crush On A Lion-Cub,Spencer.Emily's Mom & Dad Are Getting Married.

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