Sophia Pallo
Sophia Pallo
Sophia Pallo, levitating a crystal ball and holding Tarot cards behind her back.
Physical Description
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Race Caucasian
Blood type AB
Birthplace Flag of the Soviet UnionMoscow, USSR
Hometown Flag of the United StatesLos Angeles, California, USA
Name in Other Languages
Flag of Russia Russian Софиа Палло
Flag of Greece Greek Σοφια Παλλο
Flag of Japan Japanese ソフィア・パッロ
Flag of South Korea Korean 수피아 팔루
Flag of the Arab League Arabic طوفيا تالو
Flag of Israel Hebrew סןפוא פאלן
Flag of India Hindi सोक़ीअ पऐलो

Sophia Pallo (Софиа Палло) is a psychic and childhood friend of Morgana Rubanenko. After growing up together in Moscow, she left Morgana and became a fortune teller in Los Angeles, under the name "Princess Opal".

Sophia has not yet appeared in the Sapphire series.


"Pallo" is a Russian family name.[1] It is an imperfect anagram of the word 'opal'.

  1. Surnames List. P. All Russia Family Tree. Retrieved on 11-18-2008.

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