Sora's Crest of Love is the twenty-sixth episode of Digimon Adventure. In the episode, with most of the group, the question of Sora's whereabouts is brought up and soon enough, Sora shows up, but turns out she's been having trouble of her own.

The English version is written by Adolph Green and Betty Comden, based on the Story Idea by Jeff Nimoy, Bob Buchholz, Howard Ashman and Tim Rice.



(OPENING SCENE: Joe and the Mask peddling the Boat, with Groucho, Tai and Mimi sitting on top of the Boat.)

Groucho: Gee, it's good to be free. You know, i'm beginning to wonder if my brothers are free?

Agumon: I agree.

Gomamon: Count me in.

Grovermon: Absolutely.

Groucho: I'm very sure that i'm gonna tell my brothers about me freedom.

Joe: Attention, everyone! We're here!

(The Boat reaches the Shore.)

Tai: Here, Mimi. Let me carry you down.

Mimi: Anything you say, Tai.

(Tai carrys Mimi down the Boat. Groucho magically makes some stair for Tai while he's carrying Mimi in his arms. Tai then puts her down on her feet and they take a bow to each other.)

Matt: Guys, over here!

The Mask: Look!

Joe: Hey, it's Matt!

Groucho: You would not believe it, but Mimi used her last wish to set me free!

Company: You must be joking!

Groucho: No I'm not.

Tai: Where's Sora?

Harpo: We thought you might know.

Chico: Sora flown off by herself while we flew to different directions.

Gummo: Which means, Sora is still missing.

Mimi: Actually, I think I saw Sora.

All: Huh?

Groucho: Where did you see her?

Mimi: At the Gekmon's castle. But i might have been...dreaming.

(Enter Flashback)

Sora: Atta girl. I knew you'd find yourself again.

(End Flashback)

Joe: You're right, it must have been a dream.

Mimi: And also Matt, i saw you as the Phantom of the Opera.

Matt: Huh?

(Enter Flashback)

The Phantom of the Opera: Sing my Angel of Music!

(End Flashback)

Matt: I was the Phantom of the Opera?

Groucho: Not exactly. That makes it a dream too.

Harpo: None of us know where Sora is since we got seperated from the explosion.

Chico: All we know is, we've got to find her and quick!

Izzy: We have no time to lose.

Gummo: We've got to find Sora before anything else happens.

(They run off to find Sora. In the forest, Sora is sitting behind the tree, feeling dejected and lonely.)

Sora: (Thinking) Tai is the only the one for me. He's the only one who cares about me. I wish you were here to see what i've done.

(Enter Flashbacks)

(Song: Someone to Watch over me from Oh, Kay!)

(End Flashbacks)

Sora: (Thinking) This is for the best. I guess.

(Her head is covered around her arms and started to cry. Suddenly, she began hearing something.)

Tai: Sora!

Izzy: Sora!

Chico: Where are you?

(She sees them in the distance and runs off.)

Joe: She's gotta be around here somewhere.

Harpo: I don't see her anywhere.

Gummo: You can say that again.

Groucho: I hope she doesn't run into more danger and everything.

Mimi: Oh...i can't go another inch!

The Mask: Tell us about it.

Groucho: Do not worry. We'll find Sora. I think it's better if we rest for a bit. Just to catch our breath and rest our feet.

Gummo: Good idea.

Groucho: Chico, Harpo, do you know H.M.S. Pinafore?

Chico and Harpo: No, we don't think we've ever heard of H.M.S. Pinafore.

Groucho: Well how about this, if we sing a song, maybe that will make us feel better.

Chico: Okay, Groucho.

Harpo: We'll do our best.

(Song: A British Tar from H.M.S. Pinafore)

Biyomon: Guys?

Harpo: Look! It's Biyomon!

Biyomon: Where have you been?

Chico: Let us ask you the same thing!

Tai: If Biyomon is here, then so is Sora! Sora! Wait up!

(Tai runs after Sora. The others follow him.)

Gummo: Here we go again!

(Sora runs away deeper into the Forest. Tai stops her.)

Tai:'s you!

(Sora turns to go in the other direction, but is stopped by Groucho and Chico.)

Groucho: Halt! No more running! You're not going anywhere!

Chico: Enough running! Tell us what's going on!

Sora: Hm...

Chico: She's not responding, Groucho. She has to have a specific answer.

Groucho: She will answer, Chico. Just wait and see.

Chico: I do hope you're right.

(Matt, T.K., Kari, Genie, Agumon, Gabumon, Tailmon, Patamon and Gonzomon follow them to catch their breath.)

Genie: You shouldn't run away like that, Sora. You had us worried to the neck.

T.K.: Sora, does this mean you don't like us anymore?

Sora: No. Of course not.

Groucho: Then what's wrong?

Chico: Why won't you answer, Sora?

(Sora's Good Conscience pops out on Sora's right shoulder.)

Sora's Good Conscience: You oughta be ashamed of yourself, running away from your Friends like that. Why would you do such a thing?

(Sora's Bad Conscience pops out on the left.)

Sora's Bad Conscience: Don't be a sap, Sora. This is your one way ticket out of the Digital World.

Sora's Good Conscience: Keep out of this.

Sora's Bad Conscience: Says who?

Sora's Good Conscience: Says me, that's who. How come Sora does the right thing, if you encouraged her to do something that is wrong?

Sora's Bad Conscience: Don't listen to him, Sora. He's only trying to bribe you to be good. You run away, you deserved to be alone.

Sora's Good Conscience: Get those thoughts out of your mind, that's Poverty. Sora, what your family say if you do something like that?

Sora's Bad Conscience: It's even better if you don't think about them. And don't tell your friends either, they'll be very disappointed in you.

(Biyomon comes flying in.)

Biyomon: Sora, why don't you tell them?

(Sora gives up.)

Sora: Okay. I'll tell them. Tai won't betray me.

Sora's Bad Conscience: Don't do it!

Sora: I have to.

Sora's Bad Conscience: Do what you want, but don't tell them. They'll never know.

Sora's Good Conscience: But I will know, you're wrong!

Sora's Bad Conscience: And what are you gonna do about it?

Sora's Good Conscience: This.

(Sora's Good Conscience zaps his Magic Wand at Sora's Bad Conscience and he dodges.)

Sora's Bad Conscience: Oooooh! Fine! Tell them, Sora! (To Sora's Good Conscience) You won't get that far!

Sora's Good Conscience: Oh yes i will. (To Sora) Go on, Sora. Tell them. I'm sure Tai will love you more.

(They soon disappeared and Sora talks to them.)

Sora: It happened the night after the explosion at Crocodile Pyramid.

(As Sora tells her Story, there is a flashback.)

Sora: I heard a strange noise. It sounded like if someone was crying.

Tai: Who was crying?

Sora: I wasn't sure. But I think it was a Pirate Captain.

Genie: So could you hear what he was crying about?

Sora: Yeah, I heard him singing something about our Crests.

Tai: What about them?

Sora: He was singing that each of our Crests has its own special meaning. For example, Tai, yours is the Crest of Courage.

Tai: That's right and then the Crest started to glow.

Sora: And the Crest Matt has, is the Crest of Friendship.

Harpo: And T.K.?

Sora: His is special, Harpo. It's the Crest of Hope.

Harpo: And as for Kari, hers is the Crest of Light.

Chico: Of course.

Groucho: Go on, Sora. Tell us more.

Sora: Izzy's Crest is the Crest of Knowledge. Joe's is the Crest of Reliability. The Mask's is the Crest of Laughter.

(Izzy and Gummo hop over the stones in the River. The Mask and Joe fall into the River.)

Sora: Mimi's is the Crest of Sincerity. And Genie's is the Crest of Magic. And finally, mine...mine is the Crest of Love.

Chico: I had no idea that the person would be singing about the Crests.

Groucho: Let me get this straight, Sora. If that person that you've just mentioned was singing while he was crying, how does it go?

Sora: I think his song sounded like this.

(Song: Captain Hook's Crest Song.)

Sora: So that Pirate Captain was singing about all the Crest in the Digital World.

Genie: I see what you mean, Sora.

Chico: They're very elegant.

Sora: And that's not all. He also sang a lament about how his hand got cut off by a boy and thrown to the crocodile. I think it went something like this.

(Song: Captain Hook's Lament.)

Groucho: Boy, what familiar lament. I might know the music to that song, but I quite put my finger on it that somehow that song reminds us of someone very specific.

Tai: Gee, the Crest of Love! That's just perfect for you, Sora!

Sora: (Yelling) No, it's not! Don't say that, Tai! It's not like me at all!

Tai: But Sora, it is like you! You're always thinking of everyone else!

Sora: No way! I don't care what happens to everyone else! The truth is, you don't know the first thing about me! So back off!

(Tai is surprised by Sora's anger.)

Sora: Oh! I'm sorry, Tai.

Tai: Sora, what's the matter?

Sora: It's just won't glow!

Tai: Huh?

Sora: It's because i don't have any Love.

Groucho: I've got a bad feeling about this.

(Sora's now sitting behind a tree, looking very depressed. Groucho, Chico, T.K. and Kari are looking

T.K.: You love us, don't you, Sora?

Tai: I think that person who was crying was Captain Hook.

Groucho: That Codfish, he must've escaped with the others.

Sora: Captain Hook was very upset.


Sora: Stay where you are, Hook!

Captain Hook: Please, go right ahead. Run me through. You'd be doing me a favor!

Sora: All right, i give up. What's your problem?

Captain Hook: All i ever wanted was to get away from this dreadful place. And home to my dear sweet father. But blast it out!! You and your friends have ruined everything, and my men, Dr. Frankenstein and Jafar would mutiny if i so much as tried to leave without it. And so here i am. (Blows his nose with his hankerchef.) Stuck in this absurd place! Oh, oh, oh, oh. My...sources... tell me that you're one of those Kids, the DigiDestined?

Sora: Huh, you got that right. I guess we're in the same Boat.

Captain Hook: The same Boat! THAT'S IT!!!

Sora: What's it?

Captain Hook: I'll give you passage home on my Ship. And you can help me recover the other Crests. Don't you see? The Crest of Courage is useless to Tai. He's not sensible like you and i, he's just a boy who never listens. All he ever thinks about is his Courage.

Sora: Hm, tell me about it.

Captain Hook: And really, what other choice do you have? It's not as though you could fly home. Tell me something, did you hear about the Crests?

Sora: Yes, in fact, i did.

Captain Hook: Ah yes, you're that kid Sora. (Laughs) And i see you have the Crest of Love.

Sora: And what's so funny about that?

Captain Hook: Enough to know why i'm laughing about that. I'll admit i have despised you, among the others. But you just think you're *so* esteemed, i very much doubt that. I can understand you have a serious issue inside your heart.

Sora: Hmm, well, i suppose. If it is rightfully yours. And if the Crest of Courage is no use to Tai...

Captain Hook: Splendid, splendid! I wouldn't let you down.

Sora: Wait!

Captain Hook: Huh?

Sora: You must swear not to harm my Friends.

Captain Hook: What, me? Actually harm your Friends? Brimstone and Goar! Perish the thought. It's all a game, you see. I shan't harm them, you have our word. "I, Captain James Hook, do hearby swear, in the name of Jafar and Dr. Frankenstein, not to harm a single Digimon or DigiDestined." You see? Iornclad, unbreakable. Leave the lights on, Daddy. Your Baby Boy's coming home! Now when you've finally located the other Crests, just give this Whistle a wee toot. But until then, you'll never be able to make the Crest glow. Never until you find the real True Love. You're doing the right thing, my dear. I'm your only way home.

(Laughs evily.)

Sora: Oh...oh!

(End Flashback)

Tai: Gee, that is serious. Captain Hook is a liar.

Sora: It's true. It started back when i was part of a Theatrical Organization. My family owned a Flower Shop. I was my mom's whole life.

(Enter Flashback)

Sora: Mom, i have to go to the Opera Competition! The people are counting on me!

Mrs. Takenouchi: Don't yell so loud, dear. The Flowers are very sensitive!

Sora: But this Competition is to win the title!

Mrs. Takenouchi: Sora, you can't go with your knee injured like that!

Sora: But Momo! My leg's fine.

Mrs. Takenouchi: I'm sorry. You can't go! Sit down, we need to talk.

(Sora sits down with some difficulty.)

Mrs. Takenouchi: I want you to stop performing and come to work at the Flower Shop with me.

Sora: What? I won't stop performing with Flowers! I have Dreams of my own!

Mrs. Takenouchi: I can't believe a Daughter of mine would act this way! My decision is final.

Sora: (Crying) Why can't you understand me?

(Sora runs out of the Flower Shop.)

Sora: I danced around for hours. I found myself at the Majestic Theater. The Competition just ended.

TaiL What happened?

Sora: We won the Competition. Our Production of "Cats" recieved the highest points. I was gonna play Victoria for the Solo. Unfortunately, i was replaced. They didn't notice me, they walked the other way.

(End Flashback)

Sora: I felt that i had l let them down. Like it was all my fault. My mom said i had to a part of the Family Business, no questions. That how she is. It's like that's the only thing that is important to her. She doesn't understand me. That's why i knew Captain Hook wasn't lying when he said i grew up not knowing what Love is.

(Sora stands up and tries to three her Crest away.)

Sora: Ah!

(Tai stops her.)

Tai: Sora, stop it!

Sora: Let go!

Tai: Even what you said is true, you shouldn't believe a word from that Scurvy Captain Hook! He's just a Codfish who's trying to make you walk the plank!

(Sora pulls away and begins to cry.)

Tai: Wait, wait! Don't cry, Sora! Don't cry, Sora! Matt, Genie, help me out! I don't know what to do with her when she starts blubbering!

(Matt just leans against the tree carelessly while the Genie sits.)

Matt: Just let her go, Tai. She'll be okay.

Genie: Just give her some time alone and she'll calm down before you know it.

Agumon: Boy, Matt's just like a real grown-up.

Gabumon: I feel the same for the Genie.

T.K.: Sora? We forgot to thank you.

(Sora stops crying and looks at T.K., Kari, Chico and Harpo.)

Sora: Huh?

Kari: You told us not to go near Jafar's Spells.

T.K.: We want to thank you for saving us.

Biyomon: Right, T.K.! After the explosion, i got seperated and flew off the other direction. I also thought that Captain Hook and Dr. Frankenstein were up to no good, so i kept out of sight and made sure you stayed out of trouble. I was even there when you were having a bad cold, Matt. I even saw you thrown into the Dungeons at Gekomon castle, Groucho.

Groucho and Matt: Huh?

Groucho: We had no idea.

Tai: You didn't have to hide from us. We were all worried!

Biyomon: Sora just needed to alone for a while. But she really didn't want to be seperated from you guys when Captain Hook blew up Crocodile Pyramid, please understand.

Kari and T.K.: Hm.

Kari: Sora, we like you.

Sora: Huh?

T.K.: So, please, don't go away again. We don't like being away from you.

(Sora looks sadly at T.K., Kari, Chico and Harpo.)

T.K.: (Laughing) When you're aroudn, i don't miss my Parents as much!

Chico: You must admit that parting is such sweet sorrow.

Harpo: You must promise that you must never do that again.

Sora: T.K., Kari, Genies! I'm so, so...sorry.

Groucho: You are quite forgiven, Sora. (To Matt) I don't think the Matchmaking is working according to plan. When will she be alone with Tai?

Matt: Soon, Groucho.

Joe: Hey!

Groucho: Hey, what took you guys so long?

Mimi: Well, we would have been sooner, but Joe and the Mask fell in the river.

Joe: Hey, Mimi, you were the one who was hungry and tired all the time.

The Mask: Now that we've found Sora, i suggest that a rest will be great.

Groucho: Wonderful.

(Later that night, the Kids and the Digimon are all sleeping by the Fire. Sora wakes up and looks up at the Stars.)

Sora: Hm.

(She slowly crawls to Tai, who was sleeping.)

Sora: Tai, i know you're trying so hard to be heoric and loving. But, i'm just not in for it. This is for you, Tai.

(Sora kisses Tai while he was sleeping. Then gets up and walks off.)

Sora: (Thinking) You are someone who will watch over me.

(Matt pops out behind the bushes to see Sora leaving the group, crying.)

Matt: Hm, not quite what i expected. But i think it's time for plan b. And this time, Tai will really find her on his own. I just hope this will really work, for sure.

(He rushes to Groucho, who is sleeping.)

Matt: Psst, Groucho. Wake up.

Groucho: Yes, what do you want?

(Matt shuts Groucho's mouth with his palm.)

Matt: Shhhhh. Look.

Groucho: What the? Sora's missing.

Matt: Exactly.

Groucho: Well, should i wake the others, Matt?

Matt: Shhh. No you mustn't. They shouldn't know about this. Only Tai should know.

Groucho: Tai, but why?

Matt: I'll explain tomorrow. You do the job okay?

Groucho: Okay then. If you say so.

(He tip toes to Tai and pokes him with his umbrella.)

Groucho: Tai, Tai wake up. Wake up.

Tai: Huh?

Groucho: Tai, you're not gonna like this, but look.

(Groucho points his umbrella to a spot where Sora was lying, completely empty.)

Tai: What? Sora's missing! We have to find her before....

(Groucho puts his palm on Tai's mouth to shut it.)

Groucho: Shhhh. No, no one must know about Sora's absence. We're not gonna find her. Only you will find Sora.

Tai: Me? But didn't you remember the Crocodile Pyramid Explosion? That was very harsh of her.

Groucho: I know it is, Tai. But that doesn't mean that she'll never love you anymore. You gotta think about her more often.

Tai: What do you mean?

Groucho: (as John Wayne) Listen Pilgrim, here's the deal. If you want to find Sora, you have to be a Randy. Do you got it?

Tai: What?

Groucho: Show her you CARE!!

Tai: No way! I couldn't even forgive myself for not saving Sora at Crocodile Pyramid!

Groucho: A Girl appreciates a Boy who never forgave himself. (He then disappears into Tai's shirt and comes out of Tai's pocket looking serious.) Tai, all joking aside, you oughta be yourself.

Tai: Alright, so i must find Sora. I'd gotta be cool, smooth and confident. How do i look?

Groucho: Like yourself. Just follow Sora's tracks and you'll find her.

Tai: Right.

(Tai walks off and follows the Tracks.)

Groucho: (Sigh) That's the problem with Matchmaking, sometimes you do it by yourself.

(Sora is gazing up at the Stars and a full Moon in the Night sky. Her eyes get welled up with tears and started to cry.)

Sora: Oh Tai, i wish you knew how worried i was about you. If i wish very, very hard, perhaps you'll appreciate how i feel about you when i look at the Stars.

(Song: On My Own from Les Miserables.)

Tai: Sora?

(Sora turned around to see Tai behind her, she stands up.)

Sora: Tai, what are you doing here?

Tai: I was looking all over for you. Then i followed your trail. Why did you run away?

Sora: I only did this for myself, Tai.

Tai: Well you shouldn't. Otherwise, you'll get us worried again.

Sora: That was the only way to do it! I only wanted to get away from my mother, that's all. She never understands anything, all she understands is owning a flower shop. She wanted me to follow in her footsteps, but i ran away after that. I never came back home again.

Tai: That must've been a dreadful time for you, Sora. I'm sorry to hear about what you've done with your mother.

Sora: You don't know what it was like to live with a family that doesn't always appreciate you for what you are. You wouldn't wanna hang out with a girl like me.

Tai: Why wouldn't i? You are beautiful.

(He then lifts Sora's head.)

Tai: You shouldn't believe in lies. That Captain Hook is a liar. He wanted you to find the Crests so he can chop our heads.

Sora: You still don't get it, do you!?! You don't know anything about Love! All i know is that Captain Hook is right! I don't have any Love!

(Sora angrily walks away from Tai and stops.)

Tai: I'm sorry, Sora.

(Tai slowly follows her as she was silently crying.)

Tai: Sora, i understand how you feel. But you didn't have to run away from us, just because you said you don't have any love. All you had to do is show how sorry you are about yourself.

(He puts his hand on her shoulder and she turns around. Sora looks sadly at Tai.)

Tai: Running away doesn't solve anything at all, it just makes things worse. When people run away from home, they could wind up as a cripple, a criminal and even die. You would never end up with those kind of dangers.

(Sora embraces Tai and began to cry. Tai softly wraps his arms around her.)

Tai: Wha..What's wrong with you?

Sora: (Crying) I was so worried when we got seperated by the explosion. I could never find you when i landed in the jungles. I searched and searched and searched, but i couldn't find you anywhere. I didn't mean to make you think that i've been kidnapped, i just...i just wanted run away from Captain Hook. I'm so sorry i made so upset. I'm so sorry! I'm so...

Tai: It's okay, Sora. I understand. You didn't do anything bad.

Sora: (Crying) I never thought that the explosion would seperate us.

Tai: That would've been very harsh.

(Tai gently pulls Sora and puts his left hand on her head close to his head, rubbing it softly.)

Tai: Don't cry, Sora, it's okay. You are brave. I think nobody else would doubt about your loving heart. You would never give up on your friends, you would never do that. I'm sure that i'm very proud of you for what you've done. You are like the sun rising from the heavens. Wanting to shine on the things that you love the most. Then you are the moon that lights the dark in a peaceful night sky.

(Song: Some Enchanted Evening from South Pacific.)

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