The Freedom Fighters are dressed as "scary" things for an annual Fright Night Party. Sally is a sorceress, but needs a staff-like stick to complete her costume. She goes out to look for one but disallows Sonic and Antoine from being her bodyguards. She finds a suitable stick and jokes that it may have been dropped by a real sorceress. She playfully tries to make a rock rise and is surprised when it happens--but not by magic. The rock lay atop an underground geyser, but Sally thinks the stick is magic. She doesn't know that Robotnik is watching her from nearby.

Robotnik doesn't know that the sorceress is actually Sally and confesses his love for her and her power, which is even greater than his, and forcefully takes her to Robotropolis to be married. Sonic, who has been secretly watching Sally against orders, follows with the intent of helping without being seen. Dr. Robotnik demands Sally demonstrate her power, so Sonic goes so fast as to be invisible and punches Robotnik, kicks him, and pulls his cape over his head. When Robotnik order his men to destroy Sally, Sonic pulls her away and carries her back to the forest. There, Sally reveals she knew it was him. He sets her down and she first thanks him with a kiss on the cheek and then breaks the stick over his head for disobeying orders.

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