A Soulblade is a special class, with the class members being trained by Lyse Arcana himself. He teaches them how to bend their psychic powers and form them into blades.

There can only be two SoulBlades at once.


The Soulblade is a specially trained warrior who is taught to train their Psychic powers and focus them into blades. These blades are powerful and are capible of cutting through almost everything.

But, in order to create a MindBlade, you must go through rigerous training, and have your psychic abilities unlocked by a Lorekeeper of Mind.

The bad thing about a Soulblade, is that they must be in a meditative sate to harness the blades (unlike Lyse, who can form them at will), so the blades cannot be used during a surprise attack. Plus, if the SoulBlade loses focus and gets angry, the blades will dissipate.

SoulBlades in the BoD

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