Kilik As Nemo

Mitsurugi As Merlin

Xianghua As Dory

Siegfried As Crush

Cassandra As Peach

Setsuka As Pearl

Maxi As Gerald

Cervantes As Dentist

Forest Law (From Tekken) As Crab

Lei Wulong (From Tekken) As Nigel

Kilik (Prime) As Gurgle

Hwang As Gil

Zasalamel As Squirt

Steve Fox (From Tekken) As Bloat

Seung Mina As Deb

Sophitia As Barbara

Raphael As Jacques

Yun Seong As Bubbles

Hwoarang (From Tekken) As Tad

Jin (From Tekken) As Anchor And Kazuya (From Tekken) As Chum

Nightmare As Bruce

Amy As Darla

Talim As Coarl

Yoshinitsu As Sheldon

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