Soul Calibur/Flushed Away is a parody with Flushed Away sounds and Soul Calibur clips.


  • Kilik as Roddy
  • Xianghua as Rita
  • Algol as Toad
  • Voldo as Le Frog
  • Rock as Sid
  • Maxi as Spike
  • Yun-seong as Whitey
  • Zasalamel as Thimblenose Ted
  • Astaroth as Fat Barry
  • Rapahel as Ladykiller
  • Yoshimitsu as Shocky
  • Mitsurugi as Jojo
  • Nightmare as Liam
  • Siegfried as Fergus
  • Tira as Rita's Little Sister
  • Tailm as Rita's Sister #2
  • Amy as Rita's Sister #3
  • Xiba as Rita's Dad
  • Leixia as Rita's Mom
  • Cervantes as Pegleg
  • Aeon Calcos (Lizardman) as Goldfish
  • Dampierre as Harold the Prophet
  • Z.W.E.I as Tex
  • Viola as Edna
  • Soul Calibur and Soul Edge as Slugs and Tadpoles
  • Lizardmen as Henchfrogs

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